Demonstration of backyard gardening for Vanuatu’s volcano evacuees

Evacuees from Ambae island which is experiencing volcanic activities have been learning about starting up backyard gardening.

The Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) in Vanuatu has funded the training which was conducted by Sanma Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC).

Most of the evacuation sites accommodating the evacuees from Ambae have been covered in the programme.

“The awareness, training and setting up of backyard gardening including sharing of vegetable seeds on various evacuation sites throughout Sanma,” a statement said.

The FSAC worked in areas around Santo including, the Anglican Church Sarakata, Bahai center, Sarakata Apostolic church, Bombua area, Banban Manaro Street, Banban Anglican area and Showground area.

“The overall objective of this activity is to address food security and continually sustain food availability in each individual household of the Ambae Santo evacuees during the State of emergency (SOE)”.

The SANMA PAO has assigned an Agriculture Assistant Officer (AAO)-Intern for Luganvillle area to follow up on those sites that have received trainings and have already set up backyard gardens to identify any other further assistance needed and report back to FSAC chairman and the Vice chairman.

“However, most planned activities in all targeted areas have been completed and we have received positive feedbacks from the evacuees through the training by observing the participants who were very interested throughout the awareness and hands on activities”.

Sanma Department of Agriculture (DARD) confirmed that it will continue to assist the evacuees that are permanently settled in Sanma through different programs that are yet to be implemented as planned for by the Sanma Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC).


Photo supplied Caption: A demonstration of backyard gardening



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