Ambae evacuees

Evacuees returning to Ambae against official advice

The eruption of the volcano at the island's centre forced the evacuation of Ambae's more than 10-thousand residents in August.

They have been living in temporary accommodation on nearby islands since then, where they've complained of cramped conditions and little governnment support.

But in the past few months, with the volcano's threat downgraded, some villagers have opted to return to Ambae to try and restart their lives.

NZ provides Vanuatu’s Ambae evacuees with rain harvesting systems

In addition, seven existing community water supply systems have been rehabilitated and improved to cater for the additional evacuees, including the installation of 114 tap stands to improve access to portable drinking water.

“Supporting communities who have been affected by disaster and displacement is part of New Zealand’s commitment to improving humanitarian outcomes in Vanuatu”

With funding from the New Zealand Disaster Response Partnership, ADRA Vanuatu has addressed the WASH needs of displaced Ambae people living on Maewo.

Demonstration of backyard gardening for Vanuatu’s volcano evacuees

The Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) in Vanuatu has funded the training which was conducted by Sanma Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC).

Most of the evacuation sites accommodating the evacuees from Ambae have been covered in the programme.

“The awareness, training and setting up of backyard gardening including sharing of vegetable seeds on various evacuation sites throughout Sanma,” a statement said.

Ambae evacuees receive cash through Oxfam programme

More than 30 beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme were taken to the bank Thursday where they cashed their cheques.

Registration of other families from Ambae who are temporarily living on Santo are continuing.

Evacuees on Maewo island will also be assisted.

The displaced families will be able to food, hygiene supplies and pay school fees for the next three months.

The government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the roughly 10,000 people on Ambae in August due to volcanic activity.

VANGO appeals to CSO’s to restock evacuees food supplies

The call comes following media reports that food supplies had run out at an evacuation centre at Sarabulu Church in Port Vila– prompting the urgent need to replenish the supply.

At its urgent meeting, the VANGO team assessed the situation of the evacuation centre and confirmed the need for restocking of food.

Permanent homes for displaced Ambae evacuees

New Zealand has contributed VUV 8,736,006 to purchase building materials for 22 local houses, 6 shared toilets, and a community rainwater harvesting system.

The materials were delivered Thursday to Ifira Wharf, and are ready to be shipped to Maewo this week.

The National Disaster Management Office has developed a plan to assist the 22 most affected Ambae households who have lost their homes and livelihoods on Ambae.

Concern for displaced Ambaeans in cyclone season

The government ordered the evacuation of Ambae's population of about 10,000 people three months ago because of volcanic activity.

Oxfam's Sandra Uwantege Hart said some evacuees were living on Maewo and Santo in tents and shelters made from tarpaulin and sticks.

"The cyclone season has already begun. So the level of concern is extremely high amongst humanitarian actors here around how quickly can safe shelters be built compared to how quickly the cyclone season is unravelling."

Oxfam to provide displaced Ambaeans in Vanuatu with cash

The government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the roughly 10,000 people on Ambae in August due to volcanic activity.

Oxfam's Pacific Cash and Livelihoods Lead Sandra Uwantege Hart said many are living in temporary shelters on Maewo and Santo, and it is not clear when they will be permitted to return home.

She said giving Ambaeans cash to spend locally will help them meet the needs they have.

Vanuatu NDMO appeals for patience from volcano evacuees

Operations Manager, Peter Korisa, said the extension has been made until 26 November while the Manaro Volcano remains at alert level 2.

Ambaeans relocated to Santo and Maewo in early August have expressed their concerns about the care of their crops and animals remaining on the island, as well as how they themselves will cope with the oncoming cyclone season while living in flimsy shelters with inadequate food.

Peter Korisa said the government had very limited resources and he was appealing to the evacuees for calm and co-operation.

Ambae chiefs assure Santo they will behave

Several thousand people from Ambae moved to Santo after a volcanic eruption made their island uninhabitable.

The paramount chief of Ambae, John Tarilama, says they welcome the resolution of the Santo chiefs and assure them the people of Ambae have no intention of disrespecting the customs of Sanma Province.