Permanent homes for displaced Ambae evacuees

The Vanuatu Government will soon start building the first phase of permanent second homes for displaced Ambae families who are living on Maewo.

New Zealand has contributed VUV 8,736,006 to purchase building materials for 22 local houses, 6 shared toilets, and a community rainwater harvesting system.

The materials were delivered Thursday to Ifira Wharf, and are ready to be shipped to Maewo this week.

The National Disaster Management Office has developed a plan to assist the 22 most affected Ambae households who have lost their homes and livelihoods on Ambae.

The homes will be built at Naruru on Maewo, the site has had a customary ceremony and the Maewo Chiefs have suggested Ambae people can begin moving to the site.

The houses have been designed by a Government of Vanuatu architect in consultation with shelter specialists.

The construction will be coordinated by the Vanuatu Government utilising the skills and expertise of the Ambae and Maewo people who have already worked together to construct existing temporary shelters.

New Zealand has so far provided 467 million Vatu in assistance to Vanuatu to meet the humanitarian and recovery needs of displaced Ambae families.

Photo  left to right) Mr Isaac Savua, Emergency & Response Recover Coordinator; Mr John Ezra, Acting Director of DESPAC, New Zealand High Commissioner, Mr Jonathan Schwass; Director of National Disaster Management Office, Mr Abraham Nasak. Standing with the materials ready for dispatch.


Tensly Sumbe
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