TAFEA rolls out vaccination campaign

The Ministry of Health is conducting a vaccination programme for Covid-19 as in Tafea Province.

The vaccination for Covid-19 is targeting over 22,000 people.

Healthcare workers and other front-line workers, such as, immigration officers and public transport drivers are the priority groups for vaccination against Covid-19.

The other priority groups in the first phase are elderly people aged 55 and above and people with existing medical conditions aged 35 years and over.

Tafea Provincial Health Manager, Lollyne Jeremiah said, “It’s an opportune time for Tafea to initiate roll out of the vaccine in a smooth and well thought through manner while the country is Covid-free”.

She added, “Community engagement and the support of key stakeholders, including chiefs, churches, women, youth, and people living with disability, is important to ensure that there is support for vaccine roll out and ensure uptake”.

“While the vaccine is not mandatory and people have the choice whether to take the vaccine, many people in our communities are exposed to the virus due to the nature of their jobs as well as those at risk of complications. Therefore, the vaccine is being prioritised to protect them first,” Jeremiah said.


Photo supplied Caption: President of Tafea Provincial Government Council, Francis Iauiap, receives his first jab of AstraZeneca at Lenakel, Tanna.


Tensly Sumbe