TAFEA rolls out vaccination campaign

The vaccination for Covid-19 is targeting over 22,000 people.

Healthcare workers and other front-line workers, such as, immigration officers and public transport drivers are the priority groups for vaccination against Covid-19.

The other priority groups in the first phase are elderly people aged 55 and above and people with existing medical conditions aged 35 years and over.

Tafea moves closer to Erakor

The win puts Tafea still second on the ladder but now have 29 points, 4 points leader Erakor Golden Star FC.

The Reds will now take on the most improve team of the season Siaraga FC this Saturday at 1pm and fans are encourage to come along and support football.

A win for Tafea against Siaraga this Saturday will see them move closer to Erakor Golden Star again.

Venue: PV Stadium

Friday 11 November 2016
3pm- Amicale vs Ifira Black Bird

Red Alert still in effect for Vanuatu's southern islands

Early this morning it was situated 160km south southeast of Aneityum and 250km south southeast of Tanna.

On its current path it could hit the same region devastated last March by Cyclone Pam which killed 11 people, left tens of thousands homeless and wiped out entire food crops.

Vanuatu prepares for cyclone Ula's arrival

In its latest warning, the country's meteorological service says Ula is currently about 145 kilometres northeast of the island of Aneityum, with winds of 165 kilometres an hour at its centre.

It is moving southwest at about 14 kilometres an hour.

Tafea residents urged to seek shelter as Ula nears

In its latest warning, the country's meteorological service says the category four system is currently about 235 kilometres east of Tanna, and 185 kilometres east-northeast of Aneityum.

The cyclone is moving in a southwest direction at 11 kilometres an hour, with winds of 165 kilometres an hour at its centre.

Fears an intensifying Ula may hit Vanuatu's Tafea

Tanna was one of the areas worst-hit by the category five cyclone Pam in March last year, and has been suffering from the impacts of drought caused by this year's El Niño system.

A forecaster at Vanuatu's meteorological service, Ellen Luke, says the system is currently about 500 kilometres east of Tafea province, and predicted to move to the south before it reaches the islands.