VANGO to soon have 3Ws Map

The Vanuatu Non-Government Organisation (VANGO), supported by Save the Children, is producing a visual 3Ws map capturing high-level information about VANGO member activities.

The map will be used by VANGO members, development partners and government agencies.

The 3Ws map is supported by a database that captures information about all VANGO members, including updated information on WHO (which organisations) are doing WHAT (which activities), WHERE (in which locations).

The purpose of the map is to help improve coordination and trust between Government, development partners and non-government organisations by having access to one easy-to-use map that all organisations can reference for visibility on VANGO member activities.

The NGO desk, under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, has been collaborating with Save the Children and VANGO in recent weeks to help produce the map.

Once completed, the map will enable VANGO members to form strategic partnerships and help strengthen alignment between Government plans and priorities and VANGO members’ activities.

VANGO Chairman Lai Sakita says local and international NGOs should cooperate and provide necessary information required in the 3W questionnaire form as this exercise will benefit everyone including our stakeholders.

Luke Ebbs, Country Director for Save the Children, stated “Save the Children is proud to support VANGO and the NGO desk with this initiative. Our objective is to help improve the lives of children in line with Government of Vanuatu’s objectives, and we acknowledge the importance of supporting strong coordination and collaboration between development partners in achieving this goal.”

VANGO is also committed to updating the map at least annually so that the information stays up to date and relevant.

Meanwhile, VANGO is calling on all its members and intended new members to comply with the legal requirements of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission, and to meet the mandatory obligation under the Government’s National NGO Policy by registering with the NGO Desk under the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as with VANGO.

Photo supplied Caption: VANGO board members 


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