Vanuatu’s Maewo Island reports first Covid case

Maewo in PENAMA province has upgraded its alert level following the confirmation of the island’s first Covid-19 case.

The Health Emergency Advisory Committee said Alert Level 3 is now in place after a Covid-positive case was confirmed this week.

New measures are also now in place for Maewo including a curfew from 6pm to 6am.

Only essential services are allowed to operate with standard operating procedures and social gatherings are banned.

All schools will continue to operate as normal with standard operating procedures.

The public is urged to wear a mask when going to public places.

The Ministry of Health is urging the public to get tested for Covid-19 at any health facility.

The people is encouraged to continue practicing health measures such as, washing hands with soap and water, do not touch your eyes, nose and mouth, practice respiratory hygiene, clean and disinfect surfaces, practice physical distancing and avoid crowded areas.

“It is important that all communities have in place their Covid-19 preparedness and response plans as the situation evolves.”

The MOH said eligible populations starting from 12 years and above are encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves from Covid-19.

Maewo Island was previously at Alert Level 1.