Vanuatu children offered free international medical treatment

A week-long free medical treatment offered by China-based medical practitioners has ended in Port Vila.

Six senior physicians from various top hospitals in Foshan City of China were in Vanuatu to offer treatment for children.

Parents were seen taking advantage of the opportunities as they brought in their children for medical check up.

The medical team was based at Waikara Dispensary at Freswota 1 area for treatment.

The Foshan Medical Team comprised of the Deputy President and Chief Physician of the Pediatrics Department for the Foshan Women and Children Hospital, Gao Pingming, Chief Physician Chen Jufeng and Supervisor/Nurse Tang Chao from the Stomatology Department of the First People’s Hospital of Foshan, Chief Physician of Endocrinology Department at the Second People’s Hospital of Foshan, Wang Yunlin, Physician Luo Pan and Supervisor/Nurse at the Stomatology Department of Foshan Stomatological Hospital.