Vanuatu MoH conduct survey on TB cases

The TB (Tuberculosis) Unit of the Ministry of Health (MoH) is conducting a survey to understand the knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) of former TB cases and contacts and to identify ways to better support people to seek care in health facilities q

Reports from the National TB Programme indicate that cases are often presenting quite late to healthcare facilities. The survey uses data for the past five years to identify the two area councils within each province that have the highest number of cases reported.

The Survey aims to understand the best way to share information, as well as understand barriers to seeking medical care. This information will be used to inform the work of the National and Provincial TB programme.

Every year in Vanuatu, there are approximately 70-100 reported TB cases. There is treatment available across Vanuatu. But there are often delays in seeking medical care by TB cases (people who are infected with TB), including by people who develop signs of TB after spending lots of time with known TB cases (contacts of cases).

Common signs and symptoms of TB:

·        prolonged cough

·        chest pain

·         weight loss

·        Fever

·        night sweats


Photo Caption: Health Volunteers conducting interviews on Tanna Island


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