Vanuatu MoH conduct survey on TB cases

Reports from the National TB Programme indicate that cases are often presenting quite late to healthcare facilities. The survey uses data for the past five years to identify the two area councils within each province that have the highest number of cases reported.

The Survey aims to understand the best way to share information, as well as understand barriers to seeking medical care. This information will be used to inform the work of the National and Provincial TB programme.

Vanuatu continues emphasis on TB prevention during Covid-19 pandemic

Reports from the Department of Public Health show that new cases are reported each year and is a medium burden TB country in the Pacific context.

On World TB Day commemorated in 24 March, the ministry raised awareness and emphasized the importance of not forgetting Tuberculosis during the Covid-19 pandemic.

According to the ministry, the pandemic has had an impact on TB as per the reported cases.

The number of TB cases reported in 2020 and 2021 has dropped compared to 2017 to 2019.

Mass tuberculosis and leprosy screening in Marshalls

In 2013 the World Health Organisation reported the Marshalls had the second highest prevalence of TB in the world, 100 times higher than the US mainland.

It is also one of the few countries in the world still dealing with leprosy.

RNZ Pacific reports a new Ministry of Health screening programme which will run until September aims to cover the capital, Majuro, following a successful screening initiative on the island of Ebeye.

The biggest challenge once screening has been conducted will be getting people to complete their treatments.

New public-private partnership launched to tackle TB, HIV and STIs

The campaign, which is being run across four countries in the Pacific (Nauru, Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu), is kicking off this week in Samoa. It will run until the end of 2017, with the initial focus being on TB to coincide with World TB Day on 24 March.

“Public health must be creative. We know one of the best ways to reach people is through their cellphones,” said Leausa Toleafoa Dr. Take Naseri, Director General of the Ministry of Health.