Work as usual for public servants during Vanuatu State of Emergency

All public servants have been instructed to attend work and during perform their duties as normal during the State of Emergency (SOE) period in Vanuatu.

The second last paragraph of the statement of the Caretaker Prime Minister (PM), Charlot Salwai, in relation to the SoE reads: “Stap home, protectem yu, bae yu stap safe oltaem” does not imply that all public servants are to stay home, the Public Service Commission (PSC) conveyed in a circular shared to all Director Generals and Directors to inform staff.

“This statement is to help prepare the public at large to develop and practice preparedness and prevention measures for COVID-19 situation in the country”.

“Therefore, all public servants are instructed to attend work during the SOE and perform their duties as normal, unless advised otherwise by appropriate authorities (NDMO, MoH or PSC).”

PSC stated that public servants with high outstanding annual leave days could be permitted to leave if the country is still in scenario 1 (no cases) or scenario 2 (1 or more cases, imported or locally detected) of COVID-19 situation.

Annual leave can be approved if any staff member applying for leave is not considered a key essential staff, providing critical function during this time.

PSC further stated that business continuity plans of departments and ministries must be completed and submitted before any staff is allowed to take annual leave.

Directors General and Directors are advised to implement the areas outlined in the statement of the caretaker PM based on the respective scope of their line agencies’ responsibilities and duties.

Photo supplied Caption: A police officer explains details of the State of Emergency to communities in Tongoa island


Tensly Sumbe