Yams and eggs given to Cyclone-affected residents of Vanuatu's Pentecost

Disaster officials in Vanuatu have begun distributing 50 tonnes of yams to people on cyclone-ravaged Pentecost

The island was devastated by Cyclone Harold in April.

The islanders normally marked Pentecost Day with traditional dancing, celebrations and feasting.

However because the recovery effort from the cyclone was ongoing, the day was marked in a more low-key manner this year.

But there was joy when each household received 10 kilogrammes of yams and a dozen eggs.

The produce was donated from the islands of Emae, Tongoa, Tongariki and Buniga in Efate as part of a government programme to keep maintain people's protein levels.


Photo Alain Simeon/ Dept of Livestock/Facebook Caption: Yams from the tiny island of Tongariki that were redistributed to the affected population on Pentecost and Santo