Disaster risk management

Major boost for Disaster Risk Management in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is considered to be one of the countries most at risk to natural disasters in the world. The new World Bank operation, which provides US$10 million that can be activated in the event of a major disaster, is supporting reforms that will deliver stronger risk mitigation and prevention actions in Vanuatu. These reforms are helping to shift Vanuatu’s disaster risk management system from a focus on response/emergency management, to a greater emphasis on risk reduction, climate adaptation and longer-term recovery.

Vanuatu Train the Trainers workshop on Disaster Risk Management

The training participants were drawn from the Department of Vanuatu Meteorology, and Geo Hazard Department (VMGD), National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Climate Change Department and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).

The workshop was based on the documents published by the PARTneR (Pacific Risk Tools for Resilience) and NDMO through SPC & NIWA Disaster Management Training Programme. The trainer’s workshop allowed the trainers to deliver the Risk tool and analysis. 

Vanuatu develops SOP to guide during and post disaster

The SOP will provide instructions for emergency food assistance post-disaster in three key areas of decision making and triggers, definitions and designing a food distribution.

The SOP will help determine the steps to be taken to support people during times of disaster.

Director of Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, Antoine Ravo says the development of SOP will support in keeping tracks of cyclones and monitoring activities on ground during disasters.

New toolkit to protect Pacific businesses in disasters

The toolkit is a simple set of resources that can be used by businesses to support not only their own business resilience but that of their suppliers to ensure the region is more prepared for future disasters with regional businesses already providing positive feedback from the toolkit.

It focuses on helping businesses prepare better and gives information on how to create long-term plans for business owners.

Disability Inclusive Disaster Risk Management

Alfred was able to bring the experiences of people with disability during Cyclone Pam to an international audience and participated in a panel to inform attendees of some of the high and low points Vanuatu experienced in that disaster.

He also received his leadership certificate from Timothy Moore from the Nossal Institute for Global Health.

Regional partnerships to strengthen disaster risk management in the Pacific

Disaster managers from 15 Pacific Island countries, disaster risk reduction experts and humanitarian response partners are coming together to help create a more disaster-resilient Pacific. They aim to strengthen national and regional collaboration on disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery from disaster.