Emae Island

Vanuatu’s Emae island to host Mini Agriculture show in June

The senior officers of the Extension and Technical Division of the Vanuatu Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) have decided that Emae island will host the Mini Agriculture Show.

Shefa Provincial Agriculture Officer (PAO) Willie Iau, confirmed that, the main theme for the Mini Agriculture Show is ‘Grow Organic, Eat local and Think global’.

“According to the DARD Business plan 2019, the Mini Agriculture Show on Emae is part of the preparation towards 2020 National Agriculture Festival on Tanna”.

Emae descendants vow to protect island with organics

Early this month, Emae islanders took an oath to protect their home and forbid the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides or foreign farm inputs on their island instead choosing organic farming methods for good soil health and rich natural flora and fauna.