Vanuatu Fest'Napuan releases new 2019 logo

Art for the new design was hand drawn by Narsong Taleo from Pango village.

Taleo based the design on an original which he created for the Vanuatu Rispek campaign of World Vision Vanuatu, which launched last year with a free-to-the-public music performance featuring Stan & The Earth Force.

The same campaign 'Riskpetem Yu Wan, Rispektem Narafala Man' is the theme of Fest'Napuan 2019.

​Vanuatu’s biggest music festival!

Fest'Napuan is held annually in Vanuatu, attracting local and international artists.

More than just a music festival, the event also provides the platform for peaceful activists from across the region to highlight issues relating to the self-determination of Pacific people.

The festival has come a long way…and this year’s Fest'Napuan has seen a few changes:

Fest'Napuan 2017 will be celebrated in association with the Pacific Mini Games, VAN2017.

For this, the body unveiled its new logo in June.