Ishmael Kalsakau

Vanuatu parliament to debate motion of no confidence

 The opposition bloc, led by Ishmael Kalsakau, filed the motion last week, citing public dissatisfaction with the government's progress.

This is the fifth attempt by Mr Kalsakau to remove the Charlot Salwai-led government since the 2016 election.

However, the Daily Post reports that in parliament yesterday, the government continued to command its usual majority.


Vanuatu opposition names leader

Mr Kalsakau says the opposition will be watching with keen interest the promises made by the Salwai government to produce a list of its achievements after its first 100-days.

He says this has been promised before without success.

Mr Kalsakau, who is the former Attorney general, has called on the deputy prime minister, Joe Natuman, to step aside to allow a legal case, alleging he was involved in a conspiracy surrounding the appointment of the Police Commissioner, to be heard in court.

Ishmael Kalsakau hemi niu lida blong oposisen

Yestede oli confem se Union of MP blong Port Vila mo foma Atoney Generel, Ishmael Kalsakau hemi stap olsem niu Lida blong Oposisen.

Mr Kalsakau hemi blong Ifira island we istap foret long Port Vila Haba. Hemi wan memba blong Union blong ol Moderet Pati (UMP) mo hemi fes taem blong hem blong pipol I electem hem igo insaet long palamen.