Torba Province top Pool A after Day Two

In the other match, Sanma battled hard to beat Tafea 2-1.

The win puts Torba top of Pool A with four points while Sanma who lost their first match against Malampa on Wednesday, are now levelled with Malampa with three points each.

Latest Standing after Day Two

Pool A
1. Torba Province 4
2. Shefa Province 1
3. Penama Province 0

Pool B
1. Malampa Province 3
2. Sanma Province 3
3. Tafea Province 0


1pm- Penama vs Shefa
3pm- Malampa vs Tafea


Former Vanuatu MP continues serving people despite dissolution

Kenneth Natapei was elected as an MP for Port Vila last month in a by-election following the death of his father, Edward Natapei but did not even have a chance to take his oath on the floor of parliament before the dissolution.

Natapei says more than 4,000 people voted him into power and he feels the president's actions have not only wasted taxpayers' money but also robbed him of the opportunity to serve his constituents.

Vanuatu president quashes latest pardon talk

The president had earlier said he would not consider any pardons until after the MPs had finished their appeal process.

That happened on Monday and our correspondent reports that there are stories circulating in Port Vila that Fr Lonsdale is planning a pardon.

The chairman of the Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs and a member of the chiefs body, the Malfatumauri, Chief Isaac Worwor, says they met with the president and have been reassured.

Shefa win, one step away to victory

The win puts Shefa still top of the table but now with six points.

In the other match, Malampa Province beat Penama 3-1 and is now leveled with Shefa with six points each but is in second on goal difference.

Shefa will now meet Malampa on Saturday and the Gold and Black just need a draw against Malampa to win the title.

Malampa needs a win against Shefa.

Latest Standing after Day Two

1. Shefa 6
2. Malampa 6
3. Penama 0
4. Torba 0

Day Three
Saturday 28 November 2015

Opposition bloc vows to challenge dissolution of parliament

This decision was confirmed by former lands minister, Ralph Regenvanu, at parliament house following long hours of meeting between lawyers and their clients.

Regenvanu said certain issues still needed to be ironed out and an application would be filed as early as this afternoon or Friday.

Nagriamel’s Havo Moli and Samson Samsen appointed caretaker ministers

The Nagriamel former MP for Malo/Aore, Havo Moli has been awarded the senior portfolio of foreign affairs while his colleague former Nagriamel MP for Santo, Samson Samsen was appointed minister for youth development and sports. 


Former Vanuatu MPs to challenge dissolution of parliament

President Baldwin Lonsdale says his actions yesterday afternoon came after careful consideration based on the failure of both sides to resolve the political impasse which arose after the jailing of 14 government MPs convicted of bribery last month.

An expert on Melanesian affairs and founder of the Devpolicy Thinknet, Tess Newton Cain, says if the legal challenge does go ahead it will not be the first time that the limits of presidential powers have been questioned in Vanuatu.

Vanuatu Fisheries Department steps up monitoring sea cucumber harvests

As the end of fishing season draws near on 31st December 2015, fishing pressure has intensified as operators move to increase their activities.

Vanuatu media workers yet to be reinstated

A journalist at the Vanuatu Broadcasting and Television Corporation, Antoine Malsungai, and an administration staffer, Yvette Tevear, are the vice president and secretary of the VBTC branch of the National Workers Union.

The union's General Secretary, Ephraim Kalsakau, says they were suspended after 40 union members walked off the job last week when their salaries weren't paid on time.

Setback for relief programmes feared in Vanuatu

The President, Baldwin Lonsdale, announced the dissolution and called a snap election last night, after the government and opposition failed to resolve a political impasse.

The opposition had argued against dissolution, which delays the passing of the budget at a time when the country is in the grip of a severe drought and still reeling from cyclone Pam in March.

The Australian National University's Siobhan McDonnell, who was an advisor to a former Vanuatu government, says the government is now in caretaker mode until an election sometime in the next two months.