Torba wants to be Vanuatu's first 'Organic Province'

A group of islands in Vanuatu is looking to restrict the consumption of imported food by declaring itself the first "Organic Province".

RNZ reports Chairman of the Torba Tourism Council Father Luc Dini said the body adopted a resolution to go organic and told operators to stop serving imported food.

Father Dini said there would be health benefits and tourists may be encouraged when they hear only local produce and fish is consumed there.

He said the removal of imported food will be difficult, but targeting people who welcome tourists is a good start.

"As [tourists] they arrive, there will be no rice, no tin fish, no tin meat, no noodles. So for the tea we will use the ferns and the tea leaves and all these things to start with. By doing that we start cutting out some of these imported items."

Father Luc Dini said the national Government had been asked to endorse the declaration for at least the next two years.