Nasi promotes healthy Easter eggs

Nasi brought some cheer to the Children’s Ward at Vila Central Hospital, when he handed out beautiful Easter Eggs to 10 small patients on Easter Sunday.

In further promoting  Nasi’s constant message to school-age  children of eating healthy foods,  Xavier and Savannah De Ceuster skillfully hand-painted some hard-boiled eggs specially for the sick children, who were very grateful for the eggs. The children say « Thank you for the eggs !»

Nasi was received with mixed feelings of initial intrepidation then elation when they realised that Nasi, though seemingly intimidating, is just a harmless loving Nasiviru.

The Children’s Ward was quite busy that afternoon with Nasi and team having to wait in line before commencing their visit, while a Youth Group finish their presentation of songs and skits.

Nasi made a brief appearance for a public photo session the following day at the Easter Rugby 7s Tournament hosted by the Labour Union and held annually at Kawenu field on Easter Monday.