Ambae island children

Efforts to restore sense of routine for Ambae children

Most of the 10,000 residents of Ambae have relocated to the islands of Maewo and Santo.

The NGO said that included about 2000 children but there were not enough schools available to accommodate them.

Its Vanuatu country director, Georgia Tacey, said so far the group had set up seven tents to provide child friendly spaces on the island of Maewo, where there were about 800 displaced children.

"We have a focus on keeping children safe and away from adult conversations so it's there to support their psychosocial recovery - not so much focusing on structured learning."

Not enough schools to accommodate relocated Ambae children

Many of the 10,000 residents of Ambae, which was evacuated this month, have relocated to Maewo and Santo.

The Daily Post reported an estimated 250 early childhood and 550 primary school children arrived on Maewo, but there are only 17 existing kindergartens and 7 primary schools in host communities.

An initial assessment of the Education Cluster also noted a serious lack of teachers among evacuated Ambae communities.

All schools in Vanuatu are closed for two weeks break, but will be resuming classes on August 27.

Concerns raised about conditions for children evacuated from Ambae

Hundreds of students have been relocated to schools on the two islands due to the recent devastating volcanic ash fall which destroyed all vegetation on Ambae island.

The Daily Post Newspaper said photographs have shown that the recent heavy rains have soaked their mattresses and exam papers in tents and classrooms which they also use for dormitories at night.

The National Disaster Management Office said relevant cluster groups were aware of the situation and were working with the Ministry of Education and Training to address it.