Biosecurity Vanuatu

Biosecurity Vanuatu names new Director

Sam is not new to Biosecurity.

He started with the then Department of Livestock and Quarantine as an intern in 2003 then further pursued his Bachelor's degree in USP Alafua Campus in Samoa.

He returned and joined the department as Quarantine officer at seaport south.

Sam then took up the appointment of treatment officer later in 2017-2018 and was Acting Director in 2019 for eight months. He further pursued his studies in Australia for a Master’s Programme and on his return, he was appointed Principal Biosecurity Officer.

Biosecurity Vanuatu conducts meat safety training for meat inspectors

The Department of Biosecurity said the purpose of the training is to build capacity and strengthen inspection and monitoring in meat establishments such as butcheries and abattoirs.

“Samples collected from abattoirs and butcheries were analysed to determine the level of bacteria and presence of food pathogens in meat products.

“The significance of microbiology testing measures the performance of cleaning and sanitation in a meat establishment; determining the shelf life of a meat product and facilitating meat trade for domestic and export purposes”.