Large portion of subsidised bread going to dogs and pigs

Baguettes are a basic food staple which is subject to price regulation and kept affordable by subsidies.

Each year the government provides $US13 million in subsidies to keep the price at about 50 cents per breadstick.

That means people can buy bread twice as low as they are in mainland France.

Due to the war in Ukraine animal food products have gone up, however unsold bread makes a cheaper substitute for feeding animals.

The price of flour has increased by 70 percent over one year due to the crisis.

Bread shortage in Port Vila

The main importers have told the Daily Post that the delay in of the availability of flour in Vanuatu is because of Russia's war against Ukraine.

Tonnes of flour has finally arrived in Port Vila but is being delayed by a customs quarantine at the Main Wharf.


Bread and rice could be making Pacific children overweight.

The study, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, is based on a survey of more than one thousand children born in the year 2000 and their eating habits at ages four and six.

It says despite evidence that about half of the childrens' food intake was energy-dense food like cereals and bread, it couldn't prove a link to obesity.

Research officer, Fa'asisila Savila, says it is the type of bread the children are eating that is the problem.