Care Vanuatu

CARE to support early shelter recovery in Tafea

The Early Shelter Recovery Project is supported by the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) consistent with its mandate to lead and coordinate disaster preparedness and response in Vanuatu.

The project will be launched win the next few weeks and will be implemented in north and central Tanna, north Erromango and Futuna. 

30 young women selected for CARE Vanuatu Young Women’s Leadership Programme

The YWLP is part of the Gender Equality Together Yumi Wan Nomo – Bildimap Ol Sista project (2022-2025) which aims to strengthen the collective leadership, capacity and coordination of gender equality advocates in the country.

The Australian First Secretary for Development, Stephanie Kimber, congratulated the participants saying they represent Vanuatu's upcoming generation of female leaders.

Everyone can be a leader, she told participants, and leadership doesn't entail being in charge.

Young Vanuatu women leaders are building a brighter future

Over the past 12 months, CARE Vanuatu’s 20 young women leaders have been taking it one step at a time on a journey to discovering something that will make a lifelong difference – realising their potential.

 “It has been quite a journey with these inspirational young women leaders,” says CARE’s Gender Equality Program Manager Tegan Molony.

 “They’ve learned so much in just a year and have so much to offer their communities and country.”