Super Typhoon Meranti targets Taiwan, mainland China

Meranti is forecast to make landfall along the southern tip of the island of Taiwan, home to more than 23 million people, on Wednesday morning local time.

Fortunately, most of the population lives on the northern and western side of the island. Even though Meranti, which likely will still be a super typhoon at landfall (meaning the winds are in excess of 150 mph/240 kph) on the southern tip, the entire island will feel the storm's wrath.

China ratifies Paris climate agreement

The country is the world's largest emitter of harmful CO2 emissions, which cause climate change.

China and the US are expected to jointly announce ratification at a bilateral summit later on Saturday.

In a landmark deal struck in December, countries agreed to cut emissions enough to keep the global average rise in temperatures below 2C (36F).

Members of China's National People's Congress Standing Committee adopted "the proposal to review and ratify the Paris Agreement" on Saturday morning at the end of a week-long session.

China-Pacific trade doubles

Trade statistics released by Pacific Islands Trade & Invest China show that the 14 countries of the Pacific Islands Forum exported $2.5 billion worth of goods to China last year, up from $2 billion in 2014.

RNZ reports exports from China doubled to $5 billion over the same period including some significant ship sales for the fishing industry.

Papua New Guinea accounted for nearly $2 billion of the region's exports as the largest exporter of timber to China and an important exporter of Liquid Natural Gas.

Pacific grim: Australia torn between US and China

It's a storyline that's telling about Australia's attitude to Asia's pre-eminent power. On the one hand, China is the country's biggest trading partner, but it also poses a potential regional military threat that's drawing the attention of the US, Australia's closest defence ally.

China, for its part, appears keenly aware of Australia's apparent reluctance to embrace it fully. In recent months, a series of bilateral irritations have sent relations between the two countries plunging to their lowest point for nearly a decade.

Glass bridge: China opens world's highest and longest

The much-heralded "world's highest and longest" glass-bottomed bridge has opened to visitors in central China.

It connects two mountain cliffs in what are known as the Avatar mountains (the film was shot here) in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province.

Completed in December, the 430m-long bridge cost $3.4m (£2.6m) to build and stands 300m above ground, state news agency Xinhua reported.

It has been paved with 99 panes of three-layered transparent glass.

China's media is not happy with its Olympic athletes' medal total

"You're kidding me?" state news agency Xinhua wrote (in a now-deleted post) on its official Twitter feed.

"The country which has never finished above China, is about to."

Olympic success is a point of pride for the Communist-run nation and athletes who perform well tend to be widely celebrated in the media.

The ruling Communist Party's official People's Daily was particularly upset with the performance of the Chinese gymnasts, who take home just two bronze medals.

"People cannot but ponder - what on earth is up with them?" it wrote.

The Japanese Olympian who stole Chinese hearts

A history of conflict, ongoing diplomatic spats and a rise in nationalist sentiment have led to several vitriolic attacks on Japanese users. But one Japanese Olympian has become a media darling in China, as the BBC's Yashan Zhao explains.

She may have lost her match to a Chinese player, but she has won China's heart.

"Don't Cry, Ai-chan" has been trending on China's micro-blogging platform Sina Weibo since Japan's Ai Fukuhara lost the table tennis semi-final 4-0 to China's Li Xiaoxia on Wednesday.

Australia blocks Chinese firm from stake in electricity grid

In a statement to the media, the Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison has said the foreign investment proposals from Chinese and Hong Kong bidders "were contrary to the national interest."

China's State Grid Corp and Hong Kong's Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings (CKI) were attempting to buy a 50.4% controlling stake in Ausgrid, which is New South Wales's electricity distribution network - the largest in the country.

Japan says ties with China 'deteriorating' over disputed islands

Fumio Kishida said he had called China's ambassador to protest against the "incursions".

On Friday, about 230 Chinese fishing boats and coast guard vessels sailed near islands claimed by both countries.

Beijing has been increasingly assertive about waters it believes are Chinese.

The Japan-controlled, uninhabited islands - known as the Senkaku in Japan and the Diaoyu in China - are the source of a long-running dispute.

China launches first mobile telecoms satellite from Beijing

The Tiantong-01 satellite will establish a mobile network serving China, the Middle East, Africa and other areas, the state run Xinhua news agency reported.

It was sent into space after midnight local time in Beijing (16:00 GMT) on Sunday.

The ground service will be operated by China Telecom, which is owned by the Chinese state.

The country is also preparing for the next round of its manned space mission.

China's science revolution