Coalition government

Vanuatu parliament sit today to form a coalition govt

The Vanuatu parliament will sit for the first time since the election today, where a new coalition government will be formed.

A massive rebuild lies ahead in the wake of the extensive destruction caused by Cyclone Harold, and the country's tourism-dependent economy has been shattered by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Johnny Koanapo, whose Vanua'aku Pati has signed an agreement with the previously opposition Union of Moderates Party, said whichever bloc forms government has a massive task.

NZ coalition talks to be done by tonight

The New Zealand First leader has been in back-to-back meetings for four straight days now as both National and Labour try to win his party's support to form a government.

But today there is a real sense of urgency, with Mr Peters saying it would be the most substantive day yet.

"Well we're probably going to be more focused on the subjects that we're going to deal with than at any time before that, that's just the nature of this negotiation," he said.

Unity Front Political Grouping maintains unyielding solidarity

A source from the camp this morning confirmed 34 MPs woke up this morning at their Pele Island camp site, north of Efate island and are travelling today to Christelle Blue Resort on the south for their last night together before they travel to Port Vila tomorrow to elect a new prime minister.

Vanuatu lobbying continues to intensify

The largest political camp led by members of the former opposition group continues to claim it has the backing of 36 of the 52 MPs.

But the chief administrator of the coalition's Vanuaaku Pati said the other camp, led by the caretaker government, was also claiming it would have the numbers on Thursday.

Planned MOA signing for coalition government today fails but negotiation continues

Unity Front for Change, the Leaders Bloc of Independent and single party candidates and a state minister were at Parliament House this morning where negotiations continued but came to no conclusion.

Some 15 journalists who were advised of the planned signing turned up at 9am and waited until after midday when newly elected members started moving out of the parliament area in their vehicles without any explanation.

Left-wing Syriza wins Greek vote, will form coalition gov't

The result was a resounding success for Tsipras' high-risk gamble when he resigned as prime minister last month and triggered an early election, barely seven months into his four-year term, in order to face down an internal Syriza rebellion over his policy U-turn to accept painful austerity measures in return for Greece's third international bailout.

Turkey's Erdogan says he will call a new election for Nov. 1

Erdogan said he will meet with the parliament speaker on Monday, the day after the deadline for forming a new government, to complete the formalities. "After that, we will take our country to early elections," he said.