COP 26

Tuvalu PM tells COP26 his country is sinking

"Tuvalu is sinking," he said of his atoll nation where 40 per cent of the capital, Funafuti, is already below sea level at high tide.

This reality coupled with rapidly rising sea level has placed Tuvalu's population under enormous threat, world leaders were told.

Tuvalu's plight was highlighted by Natano during the High-Level Segment of the Twenty-Sixth Conference of the Parties to the UN's Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP26) in Glasgow, Scotland.

Obama tells young people to stay angry on climate fight

The former US president urged them to apply political pressure to make a change, but warned they would need to accept compromises along the way.

Mr Obama said the world is "nowhere near where we need to be" to avoid a future climate catastrophe.

He criticised Donald Trump's "active hostility toward climate science", but said the US is ready to lead again.

Mr Obama also scolded China and Russia's leaders for not physically attending the COP26 summit.

Pacific plea to the world: Act now to reduce global warming

A call for action is underway by the secretariat at the UN Climate Conference (COP26) in Glasgow.

The Director of SPREP's Climate Resilence Program, Tagaloa Cooper, said the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report has highlighted the urgency with which the world needs to act.

Cooper, who's in Glasgow for the UN summit, said it's critical the Pacific voice is heard at COP26 and "our ambitions to limit emissions are realised as the people of the Pacific's very existence depends on it."

India PM Narendra Modi pledges net zero by 2070

Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the pledge at the Glasgow conference.

This is the first time the country has made such a commitment.

Net zero, or becoming carbon neutral, means not adding to the amount of greenhouse gases currently in the atmosphere.

In contrast, China has announced plans for carbon neutrality by 2060, while the US and EU aim to hit net zero by 2050.

No Vanuatu Government delegates traveling to COP26

The National Advisory Board (NAB) on Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction Acting manager, Florence Iautu said the board decided that delegates are to refrain from travelling abroad to attend the global climate summit.

The Government will be physically represented by its Ambassador in Geneva, Sumbe Antas and a representative from the Vanuatu Embassy in Brussels, Iautu said.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reports preparations are being done for Vanuatu to join discussions virtually.

This year’s COP, which will be held from November 1 to 12, will not be the same.