Vanuatu women benefit from food stalls scheme near nakamal

The nakamal is the place where ni-Vanuatu traditionally come together to consume kava, the root-based brew which plays a fundamental role in Vanuatu society.

Being able to tap into this space has helped the women and their families financially.

Asnette Nasse lives in the Freshwater area in the capital Port Vila and is part of the 20 Vatu business scheme.

Most evenings, Asnette and her friends sell home-cooked food to the patrons of kava clubs.

She says the money helps with school fees, food and electricity and they make can decent money.

Safeguarding indigenous architecture in Vanuatu

They also have an important functional role in Disaster Risk Reduction in rural areas. They are anecdotally known to have
been designed to withstand high winds and cyclonic conditions and are historically often described as hurricane shelters.

Without better protection and recognition, the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the nakamal is at risk of being lost due to: