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Morgan quits breakfast TV role after row over Meghan comments

In a statement today, broadcaster ITV said: "Following discussions with ITV, Piers Morgan has decided now is the time to leave Good Morning Britain.

"ITV has accepted this decision and has nothing further to add."

Morgan, a former CNN presenter, has long criticised Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, saying they have damaged the royal family and sought publicity on their own terms without accepting the responsibility and scrutiny that come with the job.

Morgan's criticism of Meghan had become more vociferous in the wake of the interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Oprah Winfrey: Skin colour remark 'not Queen nor Duke'

Winfrey told CBS News on Monday the prince "did not tell me who was part of those conversations".

The revelation that a family member wondered "how dark" Archie's complexion might be came during a TV interview that aired in the United States.

The Duchess of Sussex had described the remarks as a low point.

"He did not share the identity with me but he wanted to make sure I knew, and if I had an opportunity to share it, that it was not his grandmother or grandfather that were part of those conversations," Winfrey said.

Oprah is definitely not running for president

Winfrey is unequivocally shutting down speculation that she might throw her hat into the political ring.

During a podcast with The Hollywood Reporter, the media mogul was asked about the possibility of challenging President Donald Trump in 2020.

"I will never run for public office," Winfrey said.

In 2015, Trump told ABC's George Stephanopoulos that Oprah would be his dream running mate.

Oprah tells grads secrets to her success

Speaking at the Agnes Scott College commencement ceremony in Georgia on Saturday, Winfrey told the crowd that being "full of herself" propelled her career.

"I used to be afraid of that," she said. Winfrey added that people have criticized her for being "full of herself," but now, Winfrey said she responds with: "Yesss, I am. So full."

Winfrey described "full" as being confident and self-aware -- and she said there's only one way to get there: "You will get nowhere without a spiritual practice."

Even Oprah gets intimidated

"I didn't want to take on this role," Winfrey told CNN at New York premiere of her new HBO film "The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks." "I was intimidated by it. I was nervous. I just didn't know if I could do it."

Based on a 2010 best-selling book, "Henrietta Lacks" tells the story of a woman being treated for cancer, whose cells were taken without consent in 1951 and used in research for decades -- unbeknownst to her family. Winfrey stars as Henrietta's daughter Deborah Lacks.

Oprah Winfrey becoming a contributor to CBS' '60 Minutes'

The deal joins one of the most famous women in the world with the most prestigious newsmagazine on television.

Winfrey will be a "special contributor," CBS said. This means she'll have several stories on the upcoming season of the newsmagazine. The first story will air sometime in the fall.

CBS declined to comment on the length of Winfrey's contributor deal.

Jeff Fager, the executive producer of the program, said it was "invigorating" discussing the partnership.

"She's a wonderful person full of energy and ideas," he told CNN.

Michelle Obama: 'We are feeling what not having hope feels like'

"We feel the difference now. See, now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like," she told Oprah Winfrey in an interview, a clip for which aired on CBS on Friday. "Hope is necessary. It's a necessary concept and Barack didn't just talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes."

"He and I and so many believe that -- what else do you have if you don't have hope," the first lady added. "What do you give your kids if you can't give them hope?"

Obama said she believes her husband gave Americans something to believe in when challenges arose.

Oprah Winfrey's weight loss one year later

Dieting is no easy feat, but just as the 62-year-old media mogul has done with books, celebrities and daytime television, Winfrey made losing weight look manageable and familiar by bringing fans along for every step of her journey via social media, commercials and Weight Watcher meeting visits. When she was initially invited to invest in the international weight loss company and become a partial owner, Oprah had to try the product before she could sell it.

Oprah Winfrey is writing a cookbook, puts memoir 'on hold'

"In the past several months on Weight Watchers, I have worked with wonderful chefs to make healthier versions of my favorite meals," Winfrey said in a statement. "When people come to my house for lunch or dinner, the number one thing they ask is, 'How is this so delicious and still healthy?' So I decided to answer that question with recipes everyone can enjoy."

Winfrey is also working on her memoir, "The Life You Want," originally scheduled to release this January. Her publisher, Flatiron Books, says it will now publish the cookbook first and push back the memoir release date.

Total Beauty mistakes Whoopi Goldberg for Oprah Winfrey at the Oscars

Los Angeles company Total Beauty mixed up the celebs in a cringeworthy tweet, with a photo of the actress - thinking she was the media mogul.

"We had no idea @Oprah was #tatted and we love it. #Oscars," Total Beauty tweeted, before the post was swiftly deleted.