Port Vila police issue warning after deaths

The police issued the warning after four killings in Port Vila last week.

The latest happened on Saturday night near one of the capital's night clubs.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported the man from Erromango died in hospital after being found in Independence Park with serious head injuries.


Can Google police YouTube?

A new blog by Google's Chief Business Officer promises more safeguards for advertisers. But I've seen for myself just how hard it seems to be for Google to police its platform.

Philipp Schindler, who runs the Google advertising business, the profit engine fuelling the entire search empire, repeats the apology to advertisers made yesterday by his colleague Matt Brittin.

Did police homophobia fail serial killer's gay victims?

Over 15 months, Stephen Port, a 41-year-old chef from a working class east London borough drugged, raped, and killed four gay men he met on dating apps.

He then dragged their bodies a few hundred meters from his flat, planting drugs and even suicide notes penned in his own handwriting to make it appear as if they had overdosed.

Police: Brazilian man allegedly held captive by family for at least 15 years

Police in the Brazilian city of Guarulhos say they have discovered a man who may have been kept captive by his family for at least 15 years.

Police in the city, which is in the greater Sao Paulo area, were on a drug raid Sunday evening when they entered a family home in error and discovered 36-year-old Armando Bezerra de Andrade in a filthy, stinking basement. Images of the room show a soiled mattress, padlocked windows and no light source. The door had no handle on the inside.

Polis I givim woning agensem eni nara action afta we faet I brokaot long miting blong nakaimas

Polis I kasem ripot se long taem ya i gat fulap man oli stap long miting. I gat report se pati we emi putum complain i bin sakem sam strong toktok long wan police officer we emi stap long meeting mo sendem out hem  makem se i no bin gat wan gudfala security long meeting ia. Long end blo meeting i gat report se fight emi broke out mo sam man oli faetem wan long tufala suspect wetem wan narafala witness. Ripot I talem tu se wanem we I happen ya I soem se ol jifs oli no save controlem gud miting makem se ol witnes blong suspect oli no save toktok from oli fraet.

Vanuatu Police raid warehouse suspected of producing drugs

The property which is located at Pukura area on Devil’s Point Road has been sealed off as a “no-go-zone” and guarded by police.

An Australian national, Justine Winslet who was renting the property was arrested on Monday 22 February in connection with the discovery.

Fiji seeks Google help in plot probe

Last month, police said they had contacted foreign police forces to help in the investigation, but gave no details.

The case stems from an incident in November when an internet cafe owner, Rajneel Singh, claimed to have been beaten by police after he told them about an email found in his cafe about an alleged plot to kill all government MPs.

Fiji Police expert helps Vanuatu

Dr James Kalougivaki, who heads the Fiji Police Force's Forensic Pathology Unit, not only has experience in forensic pathology, but has worked and trained under forensic experts from Australia on Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) and Medico-legal Death Investigation.

He will share his expertise in the area of anatomical and forensic pathology with Vanuatu police.

Another Vanuatu police officer suspended

Mr Silas's suspension comes five days after Mr Kilman suspended another officer, Jackson Noal on the advice of the police commissioner, John Taleo.

Mr Noal says his suspension was linked to a letter he wrote to the chair of the Police Service Commission asking that Taleo be suspended after he was convicted on two counts of dangerous driving.

Vanuatu police critic suspended

Mr Kilman told Jackson Noal in his suspension letter that he has read the reports submitted by the acting Police Commissioner, John Taleo.

Last week, Superintendent Noal wrote a letter to the chairman of Police Service Commission, Herve Hopkins, asking for Taleo's dismissal.