Van 2017

Remembering and honoring late Joe Bomal Carlo one year on

Joe was a longtime public servant, first serving in the time of the Condominium era in the establishment division, later as radio broadcaster on air, and then, later moving to government offices.

Recruitment process for Van2017 Team Leaders under way

The process began last week with handpicked Central School teachers, among other selected institutions, NGOS and the general public.

Those selected will then be shortlisted and finally chosen to be placed in various functional areas to oversee the management of services to be provided during the Games.

Team Leaders will liaise with the Van2017 coordinating team in each sector to coordinate a group of volunteers in their respective service areas and fields of play.

Van2017 signs MOU with Ministry of Health and Vanuatu Police Force

The MOU was signed by the Minister of Health, Jerome Ludvaune, Van2017 CEO, Clint Flood and Vanuatu Police Commissioner, Albert Nalpini.

It establishes a clear understanding on the respective responsibilities of the Ministry of Health, Van2017 and the Vanuatu Police Force, in line with the Games Charter.

The MoH and Van2017 are to produce a Medical Service Plan for the Games that will look after the needs of athletes, VIPs, officials, volunteers and spectators who will be participating in the Games in December in Port Vila.

3 on 3 Basketball included as 14th sport discipline in 2017 Pacific Mini Games

CEO of Van2017 Clint Flood said that “adding 3 x 3 as our 14th sport of these Games—just made simple sense.”

Van2017 appoints Ceremonies Executive Producer Sasha Zahra

Highly experienced Australian Festival Producer, Sasha Zahra, with her long term connections to Vanuatu through Wan Smolbag Theatre (WSB), has been appointed as Executive Producer of the Opening and closing Ceremonies for the Pacific Mini Games.