water supply

Vanuatu’s Eton Community gets access to clean water

The clean water project was made possible by the SHEFA Provincial Government with the support of the United Nations Development Programme.

The project was facilitated after a Memorandum of Agreement was signed last year, which approved the initiative and provided an amount of Vt6 Million to support small communities in the fight against Climate Change.

Project Planner, Jim Tabi said Eton already had a water system in place but the design was very old and required a full restoration by replacing old pipes to allow easier access to clean water.

Vanuatu’s Teoumaville water system handed over to UNELCO

The handover ceremony was held at Teoumaville Water Pump which is located in Stage 1.

Terry Kerr, the original owner of the water system gave a moving speech about wanting to provide water to the people settling in Teoumaville from Vila, but his capacity and available resources could not meet the growing population.