Oxfam Unblocked Cash response injects 170 million VT into Vanuatu’s Sanma economy

More than 170 million VT has been added into the economy in Sanma Province in Vanuatu through the Oxfam Unblocked Cash transfer programme.

The programme helps families cope with the socioeconomic implications brought by COVID-19 and TC Harold, while benefiting the local economy.

Sanma Provincial Council Secretary General Albert Ruddley thanked Oxfam and its partners while being updated about the programme by the response team.

Since it was rolled out in October 2020 until April 2021 more than 170 million VT has been injected into the Sanma economy.

According to the response team, 162 million VT was distributed in Luganville, 3.8 million VT in West Malo, 3.8 million VT in South Santo 2 and South Santo 1 received 3.6 million VT.

South East and East Santo received 3 million VT while 2.4 million VT was distributed to families in Canal Fanafo.

East Malo received 1 million VT through the UnBlocked Cash transfer programme.

Category 5 storm TC Harold made landfall in Vanuatu on 6 April 2020.

More than 90 per cent of the population in Sanma, the most affected province of Vanuatu, lost their homes, and more than half of all schools and almost a quarter of health centres were damaged. 

The successful implementation of the UnBlocked Cash response in Sanma is made possible through the funding support of the New Zealand and Australian governments and great coordination from our response partners, ADRA Vanuatu, VDPA Vanuatu -Vanuatu Disability Promotion & Advocacy Association, World Vision Vanuatu, Vanuatu Christian Council of Churches – Crusades, Vanuatu Red Cross Society and the Church of Christ Conference in Vanuatu.


Photo Oxfam in Vanuatu/FB  Caption: Oxfam in Vanuatu's CTP Response Manager, Kalua Salerua (right), sharing updates with Sanma Provincial Council Secretary General Albert Ruddley.