Vanuatu records Pneumonia and Diarrhea to be leading cause of children’s death

This was annunced by Pierrick Lesines, the keynote speaker at the recent launch of the two vaccines – Rotavirus (Rota) and Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) in SANMA.

Lesines said with this challenging situation, it is a priority goal for the Vanuatu government to protect children.

“It is our hope that the introduced vaccines will reduce the number of deaths among children in SANMA province and throughout Vanuatu,” the senior government representative said.

Oxfam Unblocked Cash response injects 170 million VT into Vanuatu’s Sanma economy

The programme helps families cope with the socioeconomic implications brought by COVID-19 and TC Harold, while benefiting the local economy.

Sanma Provincial Council Secretary General Albert Ruddley thanked Oxfam and its partners while being updated about the programme by the response team.

Since it was rolled out in October 2020 until April 2021 more than 170 million VT has been injected into the Sanma economy.

Vanuatu’s Sanma and Torba provinces sign MOU for cooperation

The two provincial councils agreed to establish common bylaws and strategies to administer compliance in each jurisdiction; exchange resource resources socially, economically and administratively; exchange resources on welfare of citizens and utilize citizens in civil awareness.

The Torba and Sanma Provincial Councils also agreed to negotiate and establish joint investment initiatives; and establish strategies to mitigate climate change issues, natural and man-made and or conflict resolutions.