Food Security

FAO supports Vanuatu Government in TC Harold Response & Recovery Plan

The officers are from the FAO’s Integrated Sustainable Land and Coastal Management (ISLCM) Project, Ministry of climate Change (MOCC) and the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB).

The ten-member team will be using the Participatory Rural Communication Appraisal (PRCA).

They will also Conduct Damage and Loss assessment following FAO procedures and using KOBOToolbox, meet with Customary Chiefs; Area secretariat members; NGO’s and communities and Plan activities/interventions that address immediate community livelihoods needs

Minister encourages Vanuatu farmers to increase production to ensure food security

Mr Seremaiah visited the farmers attending the training at Tagabe Agriculture Station and reiterated that the government’s policy is to increase production.

Most of the products that Vanuatu is currently importing can be grown and produced locally.

This was revealed by the minister to encourage the farmers to continue to till their land to increase production.

Rice now a stable food for ni- Vanuatu

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) highlighted the success of a farmer from Tanna who began planting rice three years ago.

Today, Nari Letaka of Lenaken Village in Middle Bush is providing rice as food for his family and selling rice locally.

Letaka said he has been growing the local rice he found in his garden, while weeding.

He said he believes that the seed of the rice plant comes from the seeds planted in 1970s rice programme.

Women vital in agriculture: APEC

The APEC economies have been urged to work together to waver the challenges and create opportunities for women participation in sustainable agriculture and fisheries for food security and revenue generation.

PNG delegate and Chief Livestock Advisor with the Department of Agriculture and Livestock, Regina Nukundj, said women in agriculture and fisheries play an important role in supporting their households and communities.

Vanuatu Kaikai na Climate Change

Huffington Post i ripot olsem sampla long ol despla  kaikai em Sweet Potato oa Kumara, tapioka, taro, na yam em ol pipal blong Vanuatu isave kaikaim ol taem, tasol climate change iwok long mekim sampla long ol despla kaikai ino save grow gut.

Ministri blong  Agriculture nau iwok long mekim wok painimaut long sampla varieties oa kaen sweet potato em oli kisim long Fiji, Papua New Guinea na Solomon Islands em oli ting bai no nap bagarap long ol taem nogut olsem drought na ol cyclone.

Framework to assist in assessment of snails on food security

This was discussed during a workshop on ‘Food Security and Bio-Security in Melanesia’,  organised by The University of the South Pacific’s (USP) School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS) at the Laucala campus in Suva on 5 April, 2016.

The workshop looked at land snails as pest agents, including biosecurity risks and disease transfer, and how introduced species leads to the decline in self-sufficiency and healthy food production. The potential for using edible native snails and their sustainable use was also discussed.