Namatan Short Film Festival

Digicel supports Namatan Short Film Festival

This week long-term Namatan sponsor, Digicel officially handed over sponsorship funding of Vt750,000 to the Australian High Commission to contribute to the organisation of Vanuatu’s premier film festival.

“We truly appreciate Digicel’s generous cash contribution to enable the Namatan Short Film Festival to continue to be enjoyed by the people of Vanuatu, and to provide Vanuatu’s film makers with the opportunity to tell their own stories via film,” said Australian High Commissioner, Jenny Da Rin.

Namatan Finale and TC Donna fundraiser on Wednesday 24 May

Commencing at 4:30pm, the Namatan Finale will be at the Saralana Park and there be something for everyone.

The best Namatan films will be screened free for the public and the 2017 winners will be announced.

The Vanuatu Wan Voes Kivhan group will be performing to raise money for people in TORBA Province affected by Tropical Cyclone Donna with a guest appearance by the Monkey Boys.

Food and kava will be available to put everyone in a festive mood.

Eight films made the finals of this year’s Namatan Short Film Festival.

Competition to choose the 2017 Namatan Short Film Festival’s unique item

This year the Namatan Team is inviting you to choose the 2017 unique item. The winning suggestion will receive two tickets to enjoy gold class at the Tana Russet Ciné.