cyclone assistance

RSE wages help to fund cyclone protection measures in Vanuatu

“We came from a place that had no water,” says Kalter Kalsilick, who lives in the village of Eton. 

Kalsilick came to New Zealand in 2017 and picked apples in Hastings before heading south to Blenheim to pick grapes reports PMN News. 

He returned seven months later and spent 250,000 vatu ($3,280 NZD) on a drill that could burrow down to the water table. 

“My aim was to provide a water system for my village, and this is beneficial for my village but also for my family because I am also building a house for them.”

New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister announces further $1m for cyclone relief in Vanuatu

“This visit is an opportunity to reaffirm and strengthen the close links that already exist between our countries. I look forward to connecting with Vanuatu leaders to discuss our work together on issues facing Vanuatu and the Pacific,” says Mahuta.

Mahuta's visit comes nearly a month after severe tropical cyclones Judy and Kevin​ made landfall on the country in quick succession and caused widespread destruction to the country reports PMN News.​

Vanuatu bae i helpem Fiji long VT 10 million

Miting ya I tekem ples long Wednisdei aftenun blong namba 24 Februari 2016 long wik ya. 

 Long miting ia, KbM i notem ol infomesen we Kaonsel pepa i putum i kam blong endosem, blong Gavman blong Vanuatu hemi diploem wan smol tim we Minista blong ol Foren Afea, Bruno Leingkone bambae hemi lidim wetem wan ofisol blong hem.