dissolution of parliament

Vanuatu opposition lodge application over dissolution

The President, Nikenike Vurobaravu, made the decision last week on the advice of the Council of Ministers.

Leader of the opposition, Ralph Regenvanu said, in their submission they are challenging the dissolution when the motion had already been accepted by the Speaker of Parliament.

President Vurobaravu dissolved parliament on 18th August following the government decision on 12th August.

The motion was deposited on 8th and declared to be in order by the Speaker on 9th August.

The hearing is today.


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Vanuatu in Caretaker Government mode, Caretaker PM welcomes dissolution of Parliament

Loughman had requested the dissolution after some Parliamentarians led by the Opposition said they would move a motion of no confidence in the Prime Minister.

Loughman called on all Vanuatu citisens to respect the decision.

Yesterday afternoon, President Vurobaravu signed an Instrument of Dissolution of Parliament less than 24-hours before an Extraordinary session of Parliament to discuss the motion of no confidence.

According to the President, the decision was taken on the advice of the Council of Ministers.

Court conference on constitutional case this afternoon

The urgent constitutional case was filed at the Supreme Court office by former Opposition members on Tuesday.

Opposition bloc vows to challenge dissolution of parliament

This decision was confirmed by former lands minister, Ralph Regenvanu, at parliament house following long hours of meeting between lawyers and their clients.

Regenvanu said certain issues still needed to be ironed out and an application would be filed as early as this afternoon or Friday.