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Vanuatu's CAA files complaint against Minister for drunken behaviour

The complaint was submitted on Friday and it alleges Mr Leingkon breached civil aviation rules when he boarded an aircraft drunk and harassed the female pilot.

The pilot turned the plane around and it landed at Pekoa airport in Santo, just a few minutes after taking off.

The plane had been chartered especially for the minister after he had missed an earlier flight.

Mr Leingkon was part of a government delegation visiting cyclone-devastated areas in the northern islands.


Sacked Vanuatu police boss still to get official letter

Mr Nalpini said he was desperate for it so he can file a judicial review of the decision.

Local media had reported President Moses Tallis Obed made the order to terminate Mr Nalpini on 16 April, on the advice of the Police Service Commission and after consultations with the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat.

But Mr Nalpini said he only knew about the sacking through the media - he was yet to see anything official.

Vanuatu MP facing arrest over failure to appear in court

The Port Vila MP was due to appear for sentencing yesterday, after he was earlier convicted on tax charges.

The Daily Post reported that as manager of Parts Plus South Pacific, he had refused to pay the tax since December 2010.

His non-appearance means Seule risks having his bail revoked.

Youth gang crackdown in Vanuatu

Alfred Maoh said crime has increased in the capital including killings, drug use and public disturbances.

Mr Maoh said the police are patrolling Port Vila on foot to apprehend young people who behave badly when drunk.

He said chiefs in every community will be empowered to assist the police.

The Daily Post reports Mr Maoh attributes Port Vila's escalating crime rate to the increase of internal migration from villages and islands to the capital.

Police investigate after woman found dead in Port Vila

A mother was found dead in Port Vila yesterday morning, after being stabbed in the neck by her partner in an argument.

Police are appealing for the suspect's family and chiefs to encourage him to surrender before an operation is launched to find him.

The police said the man had previous convictions.



Photo: RNZI / Jamie Tahana /Caption: A Vanuatu police truck in the capital, Port Vila. 

13 Police subordinate officers long Northern Command I promote

Bigfala tinktink blong visit ia hemi blong mekem promotion blong 13 subordinate officers , retirem 2 officers long Medical Grounds mo kivim aot cheques blong 5 mama we ol man blong olgeta oli ol police officer we oli lusum life taem oli stap serve.

Long Northern Command , I gat 4 provinces we ol police oli stap wok blong mekem sua se peace I stap oltaem .I gat Sanma, Penama, Malampa mo Torba .

Promotion we I tekem ples I lukim , 3 police women mo 10 police man evriwan we oli promote tugeta long Police mo VMF we oli kamaot long Sanma, Penama mo Malampa.

Police Subordinate Association discusses outstanding welfare issues

The association is comprised of members of the Police force, Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) and the Maritime Wing, from constables or privates up to senior sergeants or warrant officers for the mobile force.

The meeting was convened by the chairman of the association, Senior Sergeant Jimilton Tabi, following instructions from the acting Police Commissioner Iavro as a wake-up call to revamp some of the outstanding issues that had either been ignored or prolonged by previous police executives.