Ambae volcano

Disaster aid needs to target vulnerable - UN Women

Gender and protection advisor for UN Women in Vanuatu, Nim Khuman, said a disaster response should assess the needs of different groups, especially those who are vulnerable.

Women and girls are particularly at risk in these situations but disability, age, sexual orientation, income levels and location can also affect how people cope with disasters, she said.

Aid workers warn of Ambae evacuees' vulnerability

Thousands of former Ambae residents remain in temporary settlements on nearby Santo, in often flimsy and leaky tents.

Kevin Kapalu from World Vision Vanuatu says thousands of people remaining on Santo are already suffering because of heavy rainfall.

But he said if there is not enough warning, a cyclone could be devastating for the evacuees.

"It will be another challenge if there's another cyclone within this cyclone period, then that will add another disaster on top, so they will become more vulnerable."

Vanuatu’s Ambae volcano remains at Level 2

According to the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD), imminent eruption could occur in such major unrest states.

The Danger Zone for life safety remains at 2 km radius from the active vent.

VMDG said the volcanic ashes that fell on Ambae during the 2017 and 2018 eruption could continue to change the behaviour of streams and creeks when it rains. The creeks and streams can produce floods and carry a lot more debris like sands, gravel and boulders.

Ambae volcanic activity stablilises

Possible imminent eruption could occur at any time in such major unrest state.

VMGD confirmed that observations in October and November 2018 confirm that the volcanic cloud emitted are white meaning only steam.

The presence of ash that has fallen on Ambae during the last eruption will continue to change the behaviour of streams and creeks when it rains.

The creeks and streams can produce floods and carry a lot more debris (sands, gravel and boulders).

Vanuatu’s Ambae volcano lowered to level 2

VMGD stated that the current volcanic activity is consistent with Volcanic Alert Level 2, but possible imminent eruption could occur at any time in such major unrest state.

“Observations in September 2018 confirm that the eruptive activity occurred in July until August has dropped. There is no explosions and volcanic cloud emitted are white colour, means only steam. A small-scale eruption in Lake Voui has ceased”.

Vanuatu's Manaro volcano transformed by latest activity

It comes amid reports of heavy ash fall on the north and east of Ambae Island over the past week, though the Geohazards Department is maintaining the threat level at two.

The Daily Post newspaper reports all roads to West Ambae are cut and massive mud flows have washed away the roads in two locations.

It means the entire west side of the island is accessible only by sea or by air.

The volcanologists trekked for eight hours and say there is widespread damage and massive disruption to the local population.

Food security concerns remain for Vanuatu's Ambae islanders after volcano

But there are reports that around 2000 of the more than 11,000 people originally evacuated are still displaced; after they were forced to move from their home villages because ash fall and acid rain has ruined their food crops.

Henry Vira from the Ambae Manaro Disaster Committee says food security remains the biggest concern.

The Agriculture Department is working to help locals re-plant their food gardens, although it seems administration delays are holding up the assistance.

Vanuatu students yet to return home after volcano eruption

Director of Adventist Education for the Vanuatu Mission Gilrick Joshua said the students from Penama Adventist College (PAC) would remain at Aore Adventist Academy until the end of the school year to avoid disturbing their studies.

The students’ parents, who were relocated to the neighboring islands of Pentecost and Santo, returned to Ambae over the past week in a move facilitated by the Vanuatu Government.

Vanuatu authorities assess Ambae volcano following activity

Vanuatu's Geohazards Department raised the official alert threat from level three to four as an eruption on Ambae island continues to intensify. The alert levels range from 0 to 5 - level five is a very large eruption.

The National Disaster Management Office along with a team from the Geohazards department left early Sunday morning for Ambae.

On Saturday, authorities were preparing to evacuate as many as 5,000 people from one side of the island to the other as the volcano belches ash across much of the island.

Vanuatu Red Cross volunteers assess situation near Ambae volcano

The organisation through social media informed the public that the volcano has been at level three for the last few weeks but yesterday it erupted.

“The Provincial Disaster committee and Red Cross branch officers and the Penama Red Cross Emergency Response Team (ERT) Volunteers have already deployed to south and West Ambae to advocate on preparedness. They (are) also trying to conduct an evacuation plan once every team who has been deployed returns with their situation report.”