food supplies

More than 9,000 people on Vanuatu’s Tanna Island receive food supplies

 National Disaster Management Office-Manager Support Service, Jimmy Naura said they began distributions last week after the supplies were shipped to Tanna at the end of last month.

Naura added the turnout was great and people cooperated with officials despite the delayed process.

According to the assessment carried out by NDMO, the ash fall and acid impact is adverse as it affected the growth of crops. Water catchment is also a challenge.

The government has provided immediate food relief to the families. Food rations include rice, canned tuna and water.

VANGO appeals to CSO’s to restock evacuees food supplies

The call comes following media reports that food supplies had run out at an evacuation centre at Sarabulu Church in Port Vila– prompting the urgent need to replenish the supply.

At its urgent meeting, the VANGO team assessed the situation of the evacuation centre and confirmed the need for restocking of food.

Fiji shops running low on food supplies

The Council says it conducted a snap survey around the main urban centres which showed basic food items such as potatoes, garlic, flour, oil, salt, blue peas, dhal, breakfast crackers and sugar were not on the shelves.

It says supermarkets have advised the Council that they were facing difficulties in re-stocking their shelves due to high demand from consumers.