Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival

Fiji to host next Melanesian Arts and Cultural Festival

Fiji's Minister of iTaukei Affairs, Ifereimi Vasu, announced the festival would be held in 2026 in Fiji at the end of this year's edition in Vanuatu.

He praised the people and Government of Vanuatu, saying despite the many challenges the country had endured with cyclones and earthquakes, with a true Melanesian spirit, the nation had accepted the challenge of hosting a memorable event.

This year, the festival's theme was "Rebuilding my Melanesian for common identity," highlighting the importance of Pacific regionalism, and cooperation within Melanesia.


The National University of Vanuatu unveils program of the Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival Symposium

On the sidelines of the 7th Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival, the National Organising Committee and the NUV have agreed to co-organise the traditional Symposium known to the members of the Melanesian Spearhead Group to be linked to the Melanesian Arts and Culture Festival (MACFEST).

This collaboration further strengthens the already strong bonds that exist between the two institutions that have in 2021 organized the symposium on Education, Culture and Identity.

Melanesian Arts & Culture Festival kicks off in Vanuatu

The event will run until the end of the month with the theme: "Rebuilding our Melanesia for our future". 

Hilaire Bule spoke with Vanuatu chief Reuben Naram who is the head of the contingent representing Aneityum, the country's southernmost island. 

Naram and his performers will play an important role in the festival's opening ceremony.