SHEFA Province and Oxfam strengthen partnership

Authorities have reported that some 250,000 people were affected in the aftermath of the two cyclones this month.

This represents more than 80 per cent of the country’s population.

Officials of the SPGC and Oxfam in the Pacific on 19 March, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) as part of ongoing efforts to support the response.

The MoU was signed between the Assistant Secretary-General (SG) of SPGC, Liah Kaltoi and the Country Coordinator of Oxfam in Vanuatu, Anita Samana Jack.

Cash Transfers for Rapid Livelihoods Recovery of Volcano-Displaced Families in Vanuatu: Baseline Report

 Oxfam worked in Vanuatu since 1989, an office in country since 2005, supporting national NGOs to deliver a range activities as well as providing capacity building support to a wide range of organisations and facilitating collaboration between NGOs, CSOs, government and partners.

Oxfam in Vanuatu has received funds to support displaced households and host communities who have been affected by the mass evacuation of Ambae Island due to an ongoing eruption of the Monaro volcano.

Aid funds reach those in need better as cash - Oxfam Vanuatu

During previous disasters large amounts of money had not reached the affected people, Oxfam country director Anita Samana said.

As a result, cash would be the future of aid in Vanuatu.

In 2015, category 5 cyclone Pam devastated central and southern parts of the country. But only about 20 percent of billions worth of vatu donated via international agencies had reached people who were affected by the cyclone, and 70 percent had been used in operational costs, Samana said.

Oxfam Vanuatu not interfering in politics - country director

The 'vot woman' campaign is seeking for up to 50 percent of seats in Parliament to be reserved for women.

Elizabeth Faerua said Oxfam had helped facilitate the campaign as it is mandated to empower women's involvement in democracy.

The NGO was criticised last week by the Internal Affairs Minister, Andrew Napuat, who said he would not tolerate foreign organisations interfering in local politics.

However, Ms Faerua said the initiative was a local one driven by Vanuatu civil society.

Vanuatu scolds foreign NGOs over political interference

The warning came from the Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat, who is also responsible for non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Mr Napuat has scolded the NGO Oxfam for getting involved in a campaign to have women voted into Vanuatu's parliament.

The Daily Post reports his comments came after Vanuatu National Council of Women's raised concerns about Oxfam's involvement in the 'Vot Woman' campaign, which had pushed for 50 percent representation of women in parliament.

13 thousand households in Vanuatu benefit from CT Program

According to Sandra Hart from Oxfam, "Of the total target evacuee families and host families residing in Santo, the program benefited 90% of the evacuees and 10% of the host families.
Vanuatu is the first country in the Pacific to roll out an Unconditional Cash Transfer Programme.

The programme has provided flexible financial assistance to Ambae evacuees.

Although there is plenty of international evidence supporting cash transfer programme globally, the approach has not been widely used in Pacific Islands countries before.

Ambae evacuees receive cash through Oxfam programme

More than 30 beneficiaries of the Cash Transfer Programme were taken to the bank Thursday where they cashed their cheques.

Registration of other families from Ambae who are temporarily living on Santo are continuing.

Evacuees on Maewo island will also be assisted.

The displaced families will be able to food, hygiene supplies and pay school fees for the next three months.

The government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the roughly 10,000 people on Ambae in August due to volcanic activity.

Concern for displaced Ambaeans in cyclone season

The government ordered the evacuation of Ambae's population of about 10,000 people three months ago because of volcanic activity.

Oxfam's Sandra Uwantege Hart said some evacuees were living on Maewo and Santo in tents and shelters made from tarpaulin and sticks.

"The cyclone season has already begun. So the level of concern is extremely high amongst humanitarian actors here around how quickly can safe shelters be built compared to how quickly the cyclone season is unravelling."

Oxfam to provide displaced Ambaeans in Vanuatu with cash

The government ordered a mandatory evacuation of the roughly 10,000 people on Ambae in August due to volcanic activity.

Oxfam's Pacific Cash and Livelihoods Lead Sandra Uwantege Hart said many are living in temporary shelters on Maewo and Santo, and it is not clear when they will be permitted to return home.

She said giving Ambaeans cash to spend locally will help them meet the needs they have.

Oxfam warns Vanuatu communities of donation scam

Vanuatu Yumi Tok Tok Stret reported the international aid agency issued the statement after it learned a person named Alison Kalotiti had been demanding money and other services from people in the north and north-east of Efate in December, promising them Oxfam would provide a poultry project in return.

Oxfam said it wanted to clarify there was no one by the name of Alison Kalotiti working with them.

The agency also said it did not have any poultry, boat or related projects.