Vanuatu PM responds to criticism of extended public holiday event

The independence celebrations begin next week.

Bob Loughman was responding to criticism from the leader of the opposition that extended public holidays were ill-advised during this time of economic downturn.

Mr Loughman says the holidays were recommended and approved during the previous government which the opposition leader was part of.

The 40th Anniversary Independence Celebrations' national co-ordinator Fred Samuel says the 100-million-vatu ($US865,856) budget for the event was also passed by the previous administration.

Vanuatu PM 'open to standing down' following Appeal Court decision

Last week the court ruled the positions were 'void and of no effect', finding they went against the constitution.

Mr Salwai has finally broken his silence regarding the decision, telling local media that he is ready to step down as Prime Minister if the court proves that he has committed a crime by spending public funds to pay for the positions.

The Prime Minister said the post of Parliamentary Secretary was created in good faith, but was then politicised

Window to the past for Vanuatu PM

Salwai and his delegation visited the Western Pacific Archives, held in the University library’s Special Collections, as part of a general visit to the University where they took the opportunity to meet students from Vanuatu and strengthen educational ties between the two countries.

The archive is a record of all aspects of colonial administration in the Western Pacific from 1877 to 1978 and includes the records of the Western Pacific High Commission, the British Consul in Tonga, and the New Hebrides British Service.

PM ino go long jioj long Easter wetem opposisen lida

Public relations Ofisa blong Ofis blong Praem Minista, Hilaire Bule I mekem toktok ya blong ansa long ripot we ikamaot long Vila Times newspepa I talem praem minister Salwai Tabimasmas ibin invaetem Oposisen Lida Alatoa Ishmael Kalsakau igo long jioj seves tugeta long Sandei 28 March 2016.

PM Sariboh i mitim VBTC tede moning

Praem Minista SARIBOH Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas I mekem tok tok ia long tede taem we General Manager blong VBTC, Fred Vurobaravu, Board blong VBTC mo ol senia staff blong VBTC, oli bin kam brivim hem long situesen we istap naoia long kampani.

Praem Minista I talem se ol pipol we oli stap long aelan, oli kat raet blong save wanem kaen development gavman blong olgeta istap mekem.

Election of new Vanuatu PM gives new hope for West Papua struggle

The students are members of the Student Forum Cooperation Clumps of Melanesia (FMKRM) and the United Liberation for West Papua (ULMWP)

They were joined by the administrators of Cenderawasih University Students Consultative Assembly (MPM Uncen) who expressed their sentiments in a message to congratulate Mr Tabimasmas when elected to succeed Sato Kilman at the helm of the national executive power.

Election result shows people wanted change: PM

The new Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salawai, made the remark during a special thanksgiving service held at the Catholic Cathedral in Port Vila.

Vanuatu PM to miss global climate change summit

The COP21 meeting which gets underway at the end of the month aims to achieve a legally binding agreement on global temperature rise.

The 30-strong Vanuatu delegation will be headed by the Deputy Prime Minister Christophe Emelee.

The Director of the Department of Energy, Jesse Benjamin, who will also attend says the meeting is about survival for Pacific Island countries.