Vanuatu not keen on Australian security treaty

Ralph Regenvanu's comments come ahead of Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison's visit this week.

The Daily Post reported that Australian officials explicitly asked for a treaty during Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai's visit to Canberra last year.

However, Ralph Regenvanu said they hadn't responded positively yet.

Mr Reganvanu said there would be no prospect of a change in Vanuatu's 'Non-Aligned' status.

The foreign minister later clarified that this stance was not aimed specifically at Australia.

Vanuatu committee to consider pardoning former MPs

Don Ken said it was designed to heed the president's call for "reconciliation and forgiveness".

One of the five-person committee's first acts will be to consider calls for several former MPs who are currently in jail to be pardoned.

Five former MPs were sent back to prison in June for their role in conspiring to pervert the course of justice when they worked to have themselves pardoned in 2015.

They had conspired with the then-Speaker of Parliament to have their corruption convictions absolved, in a decision that was eventually overturned by the President.

Vanuatu village mourns Tanna star Mungau Dain

Mr Mungau died in Port Vila on January 5 after developing an infection in a leg wound that wasn't treated.

The Associated Press reports Mr Mungau, in his mid-20s, earned a role in the Oscar-nominated film Tanna, because his elders decided he was the best-looking guy in Yakel.

Tanna co-director Martin Butler said Mr Mungau was enthusiastic, learned quickly, and ended up giving a fabulous performance.

The movie won a number of awards, including two at the Venice Film Festival.

He is survived by his wife and two children.


Strengthening humanitarian action with insights from Mobile Network Data in Vanuatu

United Nations Global Pulse’s Jakarta Lab (PLJ) and Digicel recently collaborated to analyse anonymised mobile network data to generate timely insights for the Vanuatu Government as well as humanitarian agencies.

Below are outlined some of the research in Vanuatu using mobile network data and how the research approach and findings may be relevant to Indonesia and other countries responding to similar crises.

Privacy Up Front

Vanuatu reports first dengue case for 2019

The case was reported at Vila Central Hospital.

“The person with the infection is a visitor who was believed to be infected in another country before coming to Vanuatu,” said Director of Public Health, Len Tarivonda.

The Public Health Department is advising the public to take preventive measures to prevent the spread of dengue.

One of the best ways to prevent dengue infection is to avoid mosquito bites by wearing clothes that cover much of the body.

Vanuatu 2019 school year starts on 4 Feb

The ministry has instructed all primary and secondary school principals and teachers to be in their respective schools by 21 January to resume duty.

Term one of 2019 will commence on 4 February 4 and end on 3 May.

The second term begins on 20 May and ends on 16 August and the final term starts on 2 September and runs until 29 November.

The duration for all terms is 13 weeks.


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Vanuatu RTI committee chair urges public to make good use of RTI legislation

The RTI Ministerial Order was signed by the then Acting Prime Minister Bob Loughman on 9 October 2018 and the State Law Office has confirmed that the Order was gazetted on the 19th of the same month giving effect to the Ministerial Order.

The RTI Unit said the general public can now apply RTI law on fifty-two (52) Government ministries, departments and statutory bodies that are covered under the Second RTI Enforcement Order following the gazettal of the ministerial Order.

DARD 2019 business plan to improve agriculture Vanuatu

The business plan has been developed to guide the implementation of the goals and objectives articulated in these two plans through the operations of the Department.

The Department is also guided by the Agriculture Sector Policy 2015-2030 and the various individual strategies such as the Coconut Strategy, Kava Strategy and the Fruits and Vegetables Strategy.

DARD said due to the national reporting requirements under the NSDP, the plan is orientated to meeting the department’s obligations under this business plan.

Vanuatu’s Ambae volcano remains at Level 2

According to the Vanuatu Meteorology and Geo-Hazards Department (VMGD), imminent eruption could occur in such major unrest states.

The Danger Zone for life safety remains at 2 km radius from the active vent.

VMDG said the volcanic ashes that fell on Ambae during the 2017 and 2018 eruption could continue to change the behaviour of streams and creeks when it rains. The creeks and streams can produce floods and carry a lot more debris like sands, gravel and boulders.

Chinese company completes first phase of Vanuatu road project

Construction on the roads began in 2015 and the total length on each island is to be 45 kilometres.

They are scheduled to be completed by 2020.

CCECC spokesperson Lilyrose Welwel said the project is supervised by the Ministry of Public Works with a loan from the Chinese Exim Bank totalling over $US4.3 million.

The Chinese company is currently in a legal dispute with the Cook Islands government over complaints about the quality of its work in the rebuild of the Rarotonga water supply system.