Youth volunteers help distribute relief supplies in Tanna

The group distributed 252 bales of rice, 250 bundles of island cabbages and 100 bundles of mature coconut fruits.

The produce was to families in the North West of Tanna who were affected by a drought last year.

The Tafea Provincial Government bought the relief supplies.

Tafea Provincial Government’s Secretary General, Joe Iautim, who is also Controller of the EOC for Tafea, thanked all the youth volunteers for their valuable service to the province over the last two weeks.

320 GeneXpert test cartridges for COVID-19 handed over to PM Loughman

High Commissioner of Australia, Sarah deZoeten joined her New Zealand counterpart, Jonathan Schwass and representatives from the World Health Organization (WHO) and The Pacific Community (SPC) to hand over 320 GeneXpert test cartridges to Vanuatu Prime Minister, Bob Loughman on Monday.

Prime Minister Loughman, said the arrival of the cartridges is a milestone effort that demonstrates true friendship and solidarity of partners.

Vanuatu still in need of aid in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Harold

The islands of Espiritu Santo and Pentecost are among the most affected, with severe damage to the country's housing stock.

A New Zealand Defence Force Hercules has travelled to Vanuatu to deliver more than 13,500 kilograms of supplies.

Newly refurbished Port Vila market to open in June

The venue is in its final stages of completion and the Municipal Council has given approval for the contractor, Franconieri & Son Construction to begin demolishing existing toilets.

This is to make way for the construction of a new café area, completion of the seafront covered seating area and a solid waste handling area.

Over the last four weeks the Central Market has been vacated due to the State of Emergency related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Australia flies in Covid-19 test cartridges to Vanuatu

Hundreds more test cartridges have arrived in Vanuatu, courtesy of an Australian airforce plane which flew in to Port Vila at the weekend, along with humanitarian aid following Cyclone Harold last month.

The Australian High Commissioner, Sarah deZoeten, was at the arrival of the plane with Vanuatu's minister of health, Sailas Bule.

Ms deZoeten said the more than 300 test cartridges would help Vanuatu at a time when the demand for such supplies meant a global shortage.

Vanuatu Government responds to concerns about COVID-19 Employment Stabilisation Payment criteria

The ministry clarified the issue after some members of the private sector raised concerns about the criteria.

“The criteria is essential to guide the implementation of these payouts and for the government to ensure a more equitable distribution of financial support to the most affected groups and employees,” the ministry said.

The criteria will also help the Ministry and the Government be accountable to the public and the funding agencies for the use of funds towards this stimulus package.

National Fitness and Evacuation Centre opens in Port Vila

The opening ceremony was attended senior government Ministers, including Minister of Youth Development and Sport, Minister of Health, and Minister of Justice and Community Services, as well as members of Parliament, Madame Deputy Mayor, representatives of the Malvatumauri Council of Chiefs and the Vanuatu Christian Council and the sporting community.

The project was funded by the Australian Government and implemented by the Vanuatu Government under the Tropical Cyclone Pam Recovery Programme.

SPC provides vegetable seeds to Vanuatu’s FSAC

The Food Security and Agriculture Cluster (FSAC) in partnership with the Seed for Life Project requested support for the seeds system by purchasing vegetable seeds worth VT 2.5 Million.

The seeds will be distributed to farmers to help them have a strong seed system for food security.

The project is part of recovery efforts for communities affected by TC Harold.

Mia Rimon, SPC Regional Director for Melanesia said, “Seeds for Life actively respond to FSAC’s request to have the first two orders delivered by the supplier, Vanuatu Agricultural Supplies Ltd.

Housing scheme trialled for Vanuatu cyclone victims

In early April, Tropical Cyclone Harold devastated approximately 90 percent of houses in villages on the country's biggest island, as well as its offshore island of Malo.

The Daily Post newspaper reports the Fund's board has relayed its plans for assistance to the Minister of Finance Johnny Koanapo

The Fund said it was partnering with the National Bank of Vanuatu to trial the project on land owned by the Fund at Banban on the outskirts of Luganille.

New stock of Sunwhite Calrose rice expected in Vanuatu’s Supermarket this month

Notices have been posted on all ABM outlets to inform the public, since they have all run out on the stock.

The rice is expected to be in stores from this week.

However, should there be a delay in the arrival of the ship, ABM would be expecting the rice before the end of this month.

It is understood that the rice shortage was due to the mass quantity donated to Tropical Cyclone Harold victims.