Vanuatu Speaker appeals ruling on parliamentary secretaries

The Head of State, President Obed Moses Tallis, had sought the legal clarification: he wanted to know if the creation of the parliamentary secretaries - as a second tier ministerial posts - needed a national referendum.

The Chief Justice, Vincent Lunabek, ruled the creation of the posts was unconstitutional without a national referendum.


NZ aid to Vanuatu students affected by Ambae eruption

Mr Peters is scheduled to meet his government counterparts including Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and Foreign Minister Ralph Renganvanu today.

He also paid a visit to the president Obed Moses Tallis when he arrived in Port Vila.

While in the capital Mr Peters is expected to announce a $NZ2.7m package to assist with facilities for more than 3,000 school children who have relocated because of the volcanic activity on Ambae.

Labour mobility through the Recognised Seasonal Employers Scheme is also high on the agenda during his two day visit.

Vanuatu, Fiji urge Australia to 'step up' kava allowance for travellers

Australia currently allows two kilograms per person, but the government is considering doubling that to four.

In submissions to Australia's Office of Drug Control, Fiji's government proposed a quota of 10 kilograms per person, while Vanuatu suggested 15.

The director general of Vanuatu's foreign affairs department, Kalfau Kaloris, said he didn't believe 4 kilograms was enough - particularly if it's to be used at a large ceremony.

Australia's restrictions on kava are driven by concerns about its misuse in remote communities.

Vanuatu govt planning supplementary budget

The Finance Minister, Gaeton Pikioune, needs parliamentary approval for the budget of more than $US58 million.

The Daily Post newspaper said the bulk of this money is earmarked for the Ministry of Finance, with significant quantities for education and public works.


Concern over Vanuatu's decision to overturn sea cucumber controls amidst new business venture

Several countries in the Pacific have recently banned fishing, after numbers collapsed to almost a fifth of earlier levels due to over-harvesting.

But Vanuatu's decision to again begin trade in the delicacy, also known as bech-de-mer, is leading to fears the government could kill off the important marine resource.

Steven Purcell is an associate professor at the National Marine Science Centre in Australia's Southern Cross University, and said the move by the Vanuatu government is risky.

Italian project supports irrigation for resilient and sustainable agriculture in Vanuatu

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) will implement the project.

The purpose of the project is to identify sustainable irrigation systems for vegetables production that promotes local agriculture resilience to the impacts of climate change, in particular the worsening of the effects of dry season.

No1 Currency rallies support for Vanuatu athletes

Fexco Pacific is a silver sponsor of the 2019 Pacific Games where it will feature is very own brand of currency exchange service No1 currency.

"This sponsorship is a call to action for the business houses and corporates in Vanuatu, to highlight how the Pacific Games is a pivotal event that celebrates the best in sports from all our Pacific Island Countries," said Manji Timbaci, General Manager of Fexco Vanuatu.

The retail network of No1 currency across the key markets in the Pacific will promote awareness of the Games with creative merchandising of its locations.

Vanuatu Train the Trainers workshop on Disaster Risk Management

The training participants were drawn from the Department of Vanuatu Meteorology, and Geo Hazard Department (VMGD), National Disaster Management Office (NDMO), Climate Change Department and Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD).

The workshop was based on the documents published by the PARTneR (Pacific Risk Tools for Resilience) and NDMO through SPC & NIWA Disaster Management Training Programme. The trainer’s workshop allowed the trainers to deliver the Risk tool and analysis. 

Air Vanuatu ID card grace period ends this month

The airline introduced the policy in February but gave a six month grace period to passengers in the outer islands while the government's National ID Card programme was being rolled out.

Air Vanuatu's communications manager, Paul Pio, said he was confident most passengers would have some form of photo ID from next month.

They could use the National ID Card, the Vanuatu National Provident Fund (VNPF) card, a passport, school ID or a company card, Mr Pio said.

Vanuatu Government announces changes to constituency allocation

Minister Napuat said the constituency allocation disbursement will now be done on a six-Monthly basis (January to June and July to December at an amount of VT500,000 per six month.

Previously it was VT250,000 per quarter.

“We anticipated that through this, more projects or developments to be undertaken and ease the cost issue of accessing funds” Mr Napuat said.

He said as the Minister responsible for Internal Affairs, he decided to put in place the changes to guide the councillors in spending the public funds.