Live sport returns to Vanuatu with cricket triple-header

The Power House Sharks take on the Tafea Black Birds in the Women's Super League semi-final playoff this morning, with the winner to face off against the unbeaten Mele Bulls in the grand final at 1:30pm local time.

A 10-over-per-side exhibition match featuring members of the Vanuatu men's national team will act as a curtain-raiser, getting underway at 10:30am local time.

Athletes in the Melanesian country returned to regular training on 21 April after the Vanuatu government relaxed restrictions imposed in response to Covid-19, with the Melanesian country

Vanuatu Education Ministry launches free hotline following COVID-19 and TC Harold


The toll-free number is accessible from Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm for both Vodafone and Digicel customers across the country.

The MoET is encouraging principals to report damages caused by the TC Harold on school facilities as well as support parents and communities with home schooling. This hotline gives a wider range of support and assessment to the MoET. Thus, people are encouraged to call 160 for free from any landline or mobile phone to report or ask questions linked with COVID-19 or TC Harold. 

Vanuatu Ministry of Education and Training launches a radio-learning programme to support home schooling

The programme is for students from kindergarten up to primary level.

 The first radio programme aired on Friday 10 April 2020 at 5pm covered setting up a working environment and capturing children’s attention. The Homskul Givhan programme is aired every Monday from 5pm to 5:30pm for parents of kindergarten age children, every Wednesday from 5pm to 5:30pm for parents of students in Years 1 to 3 and every Friday from 5pm to 5:30pm for parents of students in Years 4 to 6.

Vanuatu farmer commences replanting after TC Harold, urges others to do the same

The farmer, who lives in Rory Village in the Eastern part of Malekula, didn’t wait for assistance from the government.

Malapa has demonstrated the resilience that our ancestors practised before government support became a thing to look forward to.

He said TC Harold caused a lot of damage to his gardens but this challenge has energized him to replant and build back more strongly.

He said the first thing that he did just after TC Harold was to visit all his gardens, and clear up them up.

Vanuatu’s Melsisi community to rebuild after zoning is conducted

A proposal states that no house can be constructed after TC Harold unless engineers conduct proper zoning.

Reports from Central Pentecost said engineers would go to Melsisi soon to see how the Catholic Mission will be rebuilt with new classrooms to replace the ones that were destroyed by the cyclone.

The roof of the Church house was ripped off during TC Harold and needs major renovation.

Zoning only applies to homes at Melsisi that were destroyed during the cyclone.

Ash fall victims on Vanuatu’s Tanna island to receive food supplies

An assessment on 31 March 2020 conducted by NDMO on Tanna shows that there are major impacts on the livelihoods of the people from the East to the Central parts of the island. The report shows that priority needs at the moment are food and water.

The government through the Food Security and Logistics Clusters assisted the Tanna Ash Fall victims with a shipment of 5,650 cartoons of bottled water, 5,650 bags of rice and 5,650 cartoons of canned food.

China donates VT3million to support TC Harold victims

The supplies consist of sourcing local fresh produce from non-affected areas to supply to families in affected areas.

According to the details of this financial support, one million vatu will go towards sourcing 2000kg of sliced frozen tuna from SinoVan Ltd.

And another million vatu will go to farmers’ associations on Malekula, Ambrym and Efate to supply 1200kg of meat protein.

Vanuatu’s Coconut oil mill suspends operation

Tropical Cyclone Harold caused extensive damage to the factory a fortnight ago.

The cyclone has come as a second blow for local families after the recent covid-19 restrictions.

Assistant Manager Jeffry Homal said the operations of the oil producing company were threatened when the Covid-19 SOE protocols were rolled out in the country.

“The requirements were for five people only in a business; I had to shut down as our machines and the company requires over 30 people to operate,” he explained.

Australia provides further humanitarian relief supplies to Vanuatu

This is the second delivery of humanitarian relief supplies from Australia.

In addition to Australian-funded supplies, the C-17 also carried vital humanitarian supplies from the Government of the United Kingdom as well as Oxfam, Australian Red Cross, Care International, UNICEF and World Vision.

Woman remanded after allegedly stabbing a man to death in Vanuatu

According to Deputy Director of the Criminal Investigation Unit, Donald James, the woman allegedly stabbed the man on his chest following an argument.

It alleged the suspect and the deceased were intoxicated at the time.

The woman was remanded on Sunday afternoon and an investigation into the case is ongoing, he said.

Acting Superintendent of Vila Central Hospital, Tony Harry confirmed that the body of the deceased is kept at the hospital mortuary pending an autopsy.

The physical examination will determine the cause of his death, he added.