Pacific Mission to Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

 “The timing of the visit will enable the delegation to reaffirm our commitment to building deeper relationships in the Pacific that enable open and frank dialogue with our partners,” Mr Peters said.

New Zealand’s development cooperation is significant in Melanesia. In both Vanuatu and Solomon Islands, New Zealand’s investments are targeted at building state capability, enhancing economic opportunities, and improving human development. The delegation’s visit will highlight work to improve gender equality and youth engagement, along with economic growth.

Smokefree Pacific Games re-enforces healthy message

Athletes, officials, spectators, volunteers, and the workforce involved in the Games are reminded that the event is smokefree.

May 31, which is just 37 days until the Opening Ceremony kicks off a fortnight of sporting competition, is the annual No Tobacco Day organised by the World Health Organization.

The annual campaign raises awareness of the harmful and deadly effects of tobacco use and second-hand smoke exposure, and aims to discourage the use of tobacco in any form.

Vanuatu DARD helps Ambrym establish multiplication plots

The project is facilitated through DARD’s Assistant Agriculture Officers (AAOs) on the island of Ambrym.

Multiplication plots of vegetables and demonstration plots of root crops are established on four sites namely South East Ambrym, West Ambrym (Craig Cove and Lalinda), and Ranon, North Ambrym.

It is a World Bank funded project to assist local communities maintain food security. The project has supported these community sites by donating nursery materials, vegetable seeds and water tanks for irrigation system.

Vanuatu First Party founders say Korman now expelled

Jean Paul Virelala, Jimmy Andeng, Anatole Hymak and Russell Nari said they founded 'Vanuatu First' and Mr Korman had no mandate and should not have gone public while the party was still working on its structure.

Mr Virelala said Mr Korman was invited to their meeting as a sign of respect because he is one of the veteran political leaders who took the country away from colonialism.

But he said the group is still working on an executive committee to elect the president of the party.

New Vanuatu party aims to stop passport sales

The Daily Post reports the party, Vanuatu First, was launched in Port Vila yesterday.

The party's interim president and former Vanuatu Prime Minister Maxim Carlot Korman has also vowed to do away with the parliamentary secretary positions if he's elected to parliament in next year's election.

Equal employment rights for men and women and climate change and sustainable development are also high on the party's agenda.

Mr Korman says the party will have to navigate the country back to the independence path and the country must stop being bullied by foreign interests.

Vanuatu Acting PM: Government has not violated Constitution

He made the comment after the Supreme Court dismissed the Opposition’s case challenging the appointments of Parliamentary Secretaries (PS).

Mr. Emelee said the Government has remained silent over a long period of time putting its trust in the justice system and today the justice system has ruled that the Government has not breached the Constitution by the appointments of PS.

He said the court ruling is great news for the current coalition Government.

Isle of Man TT 2019: Fan from Vanuatu given course crossing fine

Polino Khoroshko, from Port Vila in Vanuatu, was arrested at Hillberry Green after crossing during the second practice session on Tuesday.

Douglas courthouse was told she had broken a road closure order.

The 35-year-old, who the court heard had not been drinking and was very apologetic, was fined £1,500.

The hearing was told Ms Khoroshko was camping on the island, having travelled nearly 10,000 miles (16,000km) to watch the event.

It is illegal to enter the roads used for the TT during all practice sessions and the offical races, which begin on 1 June.

Vanuatu opposition to take Parliamentary Secretary case to appeal

This week the court dismissed claims the appointments violated the constitution despite the Opposition arguing they were not provided for under the constitution or law, yet were being paid out of public funds.

Opposition Leader Ishmael Kalsakau said the issue needs to be resolved urgently as it may affect the next session of parliament on 7 June.

Mr Kalsakau said while he respects the justice system, if the judgment is allowed to stand then it represents a very bad law as it removes the supremacy of Parliament and renders it subservient to the Government.

China, Vanuatu look to deepen exchanges on all fronts

President Xi made the remarks during his meeting with Charlot Salwai, Prime Minister of the Republic of Vanuatu, at Beijing's Great Hall of the People. This is the first official visit by the leader of the Pacific island nation to China.

China has long endorsed the idea that all countries should be treated equally within the international community, regardless of the size of that country, President Xi pointed out, emphasizing that China will support Vanuatu's independent will when choosing the right path for its own development.

China, Vanuatu vow to strengthen BRI cooperation

China and Vanuatu aim to strengthen their comprehensive strategic partnership in multiple fields. The Belt and Road cooperation is on top of the agenda for Salwai's visit.  

Li welcomed Salwai with a red carpet ceremony in Beijing on Monday morning. 

During their talks, Li said that China is willing to enhance political mutual trust, deepen exchanges and cooperation in varies fields and push forward the China-Vanuatu relations to a new stage.