Wanfuteng Bank

Wanfuteng Bank donates bench to Vila Central Hospital

The bank presented the bench in acknowledgment of the hospital team’s work in monitoring Covid-19 border cases in addition to the already existing demand of day-to-day patients. 

"A metal bench may seem insignificant; but when you are unwell and waiting on test results, it provides a space to sit comfortably and wait. This hopefully will also create a more relaxed environment for the team," said Wilmaraia Vocor, Wanfuteng Bank’s General Manager.

Vanuatu's Wanfuteng Bank celebrates third anniversary

The bank is the second Vanuatu owned bank operating in the country.

 "Since the get go, we have tried to set a new standard in the banking sector. We have introduced Smart ATM Machines to reduce waiting times, exclusive deals with local businesses to reward our customers, and fast turnaround times for loans and new account applications. We have made a commitment to the market to provide superior customer service and great rates – and that is what we will do” said Catherine Le Bourgeois, Wanfuteng Bank's Founder and CEO.

Wanfuteng Bank opens new branch in Santo

The bank which is in its third year of operation in Vanuatu reached a milestone with the new branch.

“Our vision has always been to provide excellent customer services with the best rates in Vanuatu. We are pleased to be able to extend our offering to Luganville,” said owner and CEO, Catherine Le Bourgeois.

Reserve Bank of Vanuatu Director Noel Vari thanked the bank for its vision to expand its services to Santo.

Vanuatu’s Wanfuteng Bank supports 10 students with scholarships

The students have been selected from Santo and Port Vila and are between Year 7 and Year 13.

“We are extremely honoured to play our part in promoting Education by offering ni-Vanuatu students with scholarships. This is the second year into the programme and similar to 2020, there have been many strong contenders this year, giving us cause for much deliberation!” said Catherine Le Bourgeois, Wanfuteng Bank’s CEO.

The scholarship programme is worth up to Vt1,000,000.