Vanuatu Skills Partnership

Vanuatu organisations sign tripartite agreement for disability

The agreement confirms the organisations’ commitment to working together to ensure that people with disabilities are not left behind in the nation’s recovery efforts.

This builds on years of collaboration in the implementation of Vanuatu’s National Disability Inclusive Development Policy, and more recently supporting people with disabilities in the aftermath of Cyclone Harold, under the Ministry of Justice and Community Services.

Vanuatu Department of Tourism & VSP support Van-KIRAP project

The two organisations committed to become partners in this project following separate consultations carried out in July.

The new partnership will support the use of climate information to build resilience and manage climate risks impacting the tourism sector in a negative way.

Additionally, the partnership will ensure that activities and programs are carried out collaboratively to promote sustainable development for the Tourism industry.

Professional development training for DARD Extension and Technical Officers

The main objective of the Professional Development training is to provide targeted skills development training to address skills gaps and needs identified by DARD Officers.

Over 50 officers throughout the country including Provincial Agriculture Officers (PAO), Assistant Agriculture Officers (AAO) and Technical Officers learned a lot of important information to equip them do their work better.

This is the first time an integrated program to meet the training needs of extension officers has been delivered in partnership with the VSP.