Contract agreement signed to address Taxation in Vanuatu

The upgrade aims to bring in new features such as online filing of Tax returns and online payments of tax.

Director of DCIR, Harold Tarosa said that RMS has been used by the DCIR for the last 20 years. He said this system has been used to process driving license fees, business license fees, road tax fees, vehicle registration fees, VAT registration, VAT collections which amounts to more than VT10 billion in one year.

Study aims to improve response to menstrual hygiene needs in disaster settings in Vanuatu

The study will also explore challenges related to managing menstruation in disaster settings and how these might be addressed.

One hundred and ninety-two women and girls, including five persons with disability are participating in the study and are asked to trial a menstrual hygiene product (either disposable or re-useable pads) for two months and then shared their experience and thoughts on the product.

The study also asked women and girls for their ideas about what would make it easier for them to manage their menstruation in a disaster setting.

BRED Bank expanding services in Vanuatu

BRED Bank confirmed that the construction of the new commercial building and BRED bank branch should start before the end of the year.

It is expected to be open for business in the last quarter of 2020.

A groundbreaking ceremony was held recently led by the BRED Group CEO, Olivier Klein who is currently visiting the bank’s operations in Vanuatu.

Sacked Vanuatu police chief appeals

This comes after a judge dismissed a judicial review of his termination.

The Daily Post newspaper reports Justice Gustaf Andre Wiltens saying Mr Nalpini had discontinued his claims of bias from the Police Service Commission and Disciplinary Committee.

The judge then prevented him from proceeding with further action or reviving the claim on the same basis.

But Mr Nalpini's lawyer, John Less Napuati, has filed an application to have the Supreme Court judgment set aside and quashed.

He said he believes the court has erred in law and fact.


Vanuatu rhino beetle State of Emergency extended

The Department of Biosecurity will continue to conduct emergency response operations at North Efate.

The work is being done using approved emergency funding of $US300,000.

The ministers endorsed for all government agencies, including Police and the Office of the Maritime Regulator, to continue to assist Department of Biosecurity by providing checkpoint screening over the next 60 days.

The approved emergency fund will also be used to investigate the suspected spread of the pest in other locations such as Emae island and in South Santo.

Arrival of beetle pest in Vanuatu still a mystery

It is suspected the beetle was introduced with aggregate or construction equipment shipped to North East Efate from Papua New Guinea.

The minister told a press conference that standard procedures were observed by biosecurity officials in PNG before the ship departed for Vanuatu.

But the team investigating the pests' incursion wants to know who authorised the offloading of the cargo in North East Efate without first landing in Port Vila for a quarantine inspection, Mr Seremaiah said.

DARD leads food cluster to feed Vanuatu National Arts Festival participants

The DARD office on Malekula is responsible for ensuring that the supply of root crops and vegetables from farmers are fairly distributed to all the participating provinces.

DARD has negotiated with farmers on Malekula to contribute by providing root crops and vegetables and in return funds were given to farmers.

Most farmers that supplied local food are from South East, Unua three and five and North West, South West Bay, Lawa and Wintua.

Vanuatu set to extend state of emergency over rhinoceros beetle

The beetle damages coconut plantations.

The Daily Post newspaper reported the state of emergency was was due to end today.

However, the Ministry of Agriculture's Phillip Meto said the destruction of beetle breeding sites had not been completed and the emergency could be extended.

Two teams operating on a $US467,000 budget have been sent out to the affected area which includes Lelepa Island.

The operation involves destroying breeding sites, spreading community awareness and implementing quarantine zones.

Vanuatu’s Sanma farmers receive noble kava variety

According to the department, more than 19,100 branches of kava or kava cuttings mostly of the noble variety were distributed to interested farmers on Santo and Malo island.


Disaster aid needs to target vulnerable - UN Women

Gender and protection advisor for UN Women in Vanuatu, Nim Khuman, said a disaster response should assess the needs of different groups, especially those who are vulnerable.

Women and girls are particularly at risk in these situations but disability, age, sexual orientation, income levels and location can also affect how people cope with disasters, she said.