Newly announced travel bubbles inspire confidence in the Pacific

The coronavirus pandemic has devastated economies around the world but Fiji has been hit particularly hard by international travel bans.

Figures from June showed more than 100,000 people were no longer employed due to the tourism standstill.

Jessie McComb, a senior tourism expert with the International Finance Corporation, said tourism operators in Fiji are already preparing to welcome tourists back.

New Covid-19 cases deflating Australia, Pacific bubble ideas

With 10 active cases and quarantine botch-ups, it could be months yet before Australian and Pacific visitors are allowed in.

Meanwhile, Australian Tourism Minister Simon Birmingham has warned its border will mostly likely be locked down until 2021.

That has businesses feeling nervous.

For Skyline - an adventure tourism business in Queenstown and Rotorua - the weekdays are the hardest.

Locals are visiting in the weekends and school holidays, but in between the luges and gondolas are quiet.

Development of Vanuatu Local Cuisine Revival Strategy

The Department of Tourism (DoT) brought together various partners to discuss the development of a Vanuatu Local Cuisine Revival Strategy.

The workshop was facilitated by the Department of Tourism, Votausi Mackenzie from Lapita Café, Robert Oliver the Executive Director Pacific Islands Food Revolution and supported by the Pacific Agricultural Research and Development Initiative (PARDI 2) project under the Australian Centre for Agricultural Research (ACIAR).

Destination ‘SANMA’ meeting held in Luganville

Participants discussed future opportunities and challenges facing the industry.

The Destination SANMA’ meeting builds on from previous consultation workshops that have been held over the last six months as part of the development of the SANMA Sustainable Tourism Plan.

The consultation workshops provide a chance for open dialogue between the government and the private sector about the issues facing tourism in the province and how best to rectify them through a detailed and comprehensive tourism plan.

Pacific Islands to be well represented at the Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin

Member countries are represented by their national tourism offices and these include Cook Islands Tourism Corporation, New Caledonia Tourism, Samoa Tourism Authority, Vanuatu Tourism and the Solomon Island Visitors Bureau.  Private sector participants are Turama Pacific, Air Caledonie International and Noumea Discovery Travel Company

PNG eyes Chinese, Asian markets

In a statement, the Oxford Business Group said in mid-September, the government announced that Chinese tour groups travelling on trips sanctioned by PNG’s Tourism Promotion Authority (TPA) will be able to obtain visas on arrival, rather than having to apply months in advance, as had been the practice.

Vanuatu tourism permits for 2019

These businesses include hotels, resorts, motels, bungalows, cultural villages, and tour /transfer operators within the six provinces that meet the minimum standards.

Pelam explained that there are two permits, Conditional Permits and Full Permits.

The Conditional Permits are for six months only to work on their short falls and then get a full permit for two years. However, the Conditional Permits can't be renewed.

Tok Tok Vanuatu 2018 another huge success

In its 16th year, TOK TOK has again played an important role in tourism growth for Vanuatu.

2018 Tok Tok Vanuatu took place last week at Warwick Le Lagon- Vanuatu assembling close to 150 delegates ie. 58 sellers (local tourism operators) and 55 buyers (international wholesalers & media) coming from Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, the United States, Fiji Islands, China, Japan, and Europe.

Strong visitor growth continues in the Pacific region

Fiji continues to be the top destination in the region.

Arrivals to the organisation's member countries provisionally reached over 460,000 in the March quarter of 2018.

The latest quarterly review reports visitors to the Asia and Pacific region were up 8.2 percent from 7.3 percent in the December quarter.

The latest figures outperformed last March's quarter by about 6 percent.

CEO Chris Cocker said Fiji continues to be the top destination with 36.7 percent of visitors followed by French Polynesia at 9.7 percent, Palau on 7.3 and PNG 7.2.

Island tourists urged to get to know the locals

Christopher Cocker said culture was at the centre of what was on offer in the Pacific and a recent global meeting had emphasised the need for indigenous people to have more of a voice in the way tourism was planned and developed.

He said tourists to the region also needed to be encouraged to branch out when they travelled to the region to gain a more authentic experience of the diverse cultures they were visiting.