Vanuatu president

Legal action filed against Vanuatu's President

The former chairman of Public Service Commission, Martin Mahe, registered the constitutional application against President Tallis.

It argues the Constitution has no provisions for the Head of State to pardon convictions, only sentences.

Natuman and Salwai were convicted during their reigns as prime minister in two separate legislatures.

Vohor, on the other hand, was sent to jail when he was Member of Parliament for Santo Rural constituency.


Photo file Vanuatu President Obed Moses Tallis


Vanuatu President pardons 3 former Prime Ministers

The President exercised his powers under Article 38 of the Constitution and made the Order to pardon the conviction of Joe Natuman, Serge Vohor and Charlot Salwai Tabimasmas.

The Order is effective from 31 August, 2021.

Natuman was convicted for perverting the course of justice and given a two-year suspended sentence in 2018.

Vohor was convicted for corruption while Salwai was given a suspended jail sentence after being found guilty of perjury.

In July 2020, President Moses pardoned nine former members of parliament who were jailed on conspiracy charges.

Vanuatu president seeks judicial review of constitution change

Last month, Parliament passed a bill formalising the role of parliamentary secretaries, quasi-ministerial positions held by MPs that have existed since 2012.

The bill was forwarded to the president's State Office to be passed into law but the Daily Post reported the office was seeking a judicial review.

The Attorney General has consented to a request from the office to engage a private lawyer for a court hearing.

Vanuatu president says he asked for US embassy, not military base

The Daily Post newspaper yesterday reported Tallis Obed Moses making the request in a speech to members of the US Peace Corps.

Mentioning the large US base on Luganville in the Second World War, President Moses reportedly asked the US to consider returning to Vanuatu.

But State House said he asked for the US to consider opening an embassy in Vanuatu, not a military base.

Vanuatu's currently covered by the US Embassy in Papua New Guinea.

Vanuatu President agrees with chiefs on need for higher fee

This comes after a rare meeting between the President Tallis Obed Moses and Chief Mol Torvaka Lima Tirsupe at the the Malvatumauri office.

Chief Tirsupe said chiefs play a prominent role in promoting peace and unity in times of peril, but they get 250-thousand (approx US$2300) Vatu severance pay compared to the 5-million Vatu (US$45,700) paid to members of parliament after four years in office.

The president and Chief Tirsupe have agreed there is a discrepancy there and that the Government has to correct it.


Vanuatu Head of State attends Nauru’s 50th Independence anniversary

President Moses is attending Nauru’s 50th Independence Day Anniversary on 31 January 2018.

His participation in the Independence Day celebration follows an invitation from the Government of Nauru.

The Vanuatu delegation headed by the Head of State includes, First Lady, Private Principle Advisor Peter Bong, CEO Bethuel Solomon, ADC George Willie, Chief Security and Foreign Affairs Liaison Officer, Elsyn Kaltongga.

President Moses and his delegation will return on 1 February 2018.     

Vanuatu president restates Christianity's standing

The president, who is also a Presbyterian Church pastor, made the statement to a packed church service in Port Vila.

He said the country's motto of 'Long God Yumi Stanap' simply meant that Vanuatu is a Christian nation.

He didn't elaborate his comment but our correspondent said it falls into line with the Vanuatu Christian Council's position that the freedom of worship clause in the constitution should be revisited to not allow other faiths to develop in Vanuatu.

New Vanuatu President Tallis Obed Moses takes up office

The new Head of State who is 63 years old is from the island of Ambrym in the Malampa Province.

He is a pastor at the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu based in Port Vila.

Mr Moses holds a Diploma in Divinity and Mission as well as a Diploma of Theology from Australia.

The president is the first to be elected from the Malampa Province.

There was applause in Parliament Chambers this morning, as the results of voting were announced.

Voting proceeds for new Vanuatu president

The 58-member electoral college was unable to settle on a final choice after 2 rounds of voting yesterday.

Presbyterian pastor Tallis Obed Moses achieved 32 votes and the former prime minister Maxime Carlot Korman received 23.

Deputy Prime Minister Joe Natuman is absent from this morning’s proceedings.

Following a query from an electoral member, Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek who is also the Returning Officer for the election clarified that voting will proceed in the absence of a member.

Election of Vanuatu President continues today

In the first round of voting on Monday, Maxime Carlot Korman took the lead by nine votes.

The electoral college is meeting to decide which of the 16 candidates would take on the presidency to fill the vacancy left by Baldwin Lonsdale who died in office last month.

Mr Korman is a former prime minister of Vanuatu.

Lui Patu Lavuko and Solomon Lawrence got six votes each.